Next DLC Character for #SoulCaliburVI will be a guest character: 2B from NieR: Automata

Over the course of the previous weekend, Bandai Namco dropped an astonishing trailer for fans of Soul Calibur…and Square Enix’s NeiR: Automata.

The franchise has always had a history of breaking boundaries via their inclusion of guest characters, and Soul Calibur VI continues this trend by including The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia, who is actually a base character in the roster.

As expected, they are taking their next step down the aisle of guest characters with a welcome addition: a YoRHa android warrior codenamed 2B. Her skills with dual weaponry will serve her well as she jumps into the Stage of History as the first of three DLC characters that will be made available via the Soul Calibur VI Season Pass (Tira is not counted among the three as she is considered a bonus character).

No release date has been given for 2B, but she will come bundled with her own set of weapons, costumes, background music, custom items, and even a brand new stage based on the game she comes from!

Check out her beautiful reveal trailer below.

Soul Calibur fanatics, we strongly recommend purchasing the Season Pass to prepare for 2B’s arrival. See below for a list of links supporting the pass on all available platforms for Soul Calibur VI.

PlayStation Store - Soul Calibur VI Season Pass
Xbox Store - Soul Calibur VI Season Pass
Steam Store (PC) - Soul Calibur VI Season Pass

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