Week 1 Results for Group 1 Playoffs in #WarOfTheGods LEGENDS!

Last Sunday, our sixteen Legends completed their first round of playoffs for the first Group Stage in War of the Gods LEGENDS.

For until December 9th, four groups of four players will be matched up randomly with one another in a series of Round Robin sessions. Players must attempt to keep their win/loss ratios within the top 3 of each group by winning as many sets as possible. Those who succeed in doing so will advance to our first Split Final on December 16th, during which they will compete for their share of $2,500.

Meanwhile, the player that finishes last in each group will be required to qualify again via our next two qualifiers in January 2019, in order to continue their participation in the group playoffs.

With all that said, we are thrilled to share the opening results to our Group 1 playoffs. Check it out!

Both Nubcakes and Grr have obtained astronomically good results for their first session of playoffs, as both are now the leading candidates in their respective groups, due to their untarnished records. Meanwhile, the other two groups have a two-way tie for their leading players. In the case of Group A, Semiij and Biohazard are tied for the leading position, whereas Rewind and Basics are at a stalemate in Group B.

Group 1 playoffs will continue this Sunday, November 4th. A complete schedule for the first group has been finalized and is as follows:

  • Round 2: November 4th

  • Round 3: November 18th

  • Round 4: November 25th

  • Round 5: December 2nd

  • Final Round: December 9th

  • Group 1 Split Final: December 16th

All playoffs will be streamed live via www.stream.me/war. Ensure you are following the channel and that your email notifications are enabled so that you don’t miss out on the hype!

For those unable to tune in last Sunday, we’ve uploaded an archive via YouTube for your convenience. We hope you enjoy!

War of the Gods LEGENDS takes our trademark Injustice 2 circuit in a unique direction by combining the aspects of an invitational with an open bracket system. Twelve players, labeled LEGENDS, have been directly invited to participate, whereas the remaining four must be decided via qualifier brackets that will predate the group playoffs.

LEGENDS will consist of two qualifiers leading up to a group stage, of which there will be two. Each group stage will culminate in a Split Final that will award $2,500 to the winning participants. Once both Split Finals have come to an end, the Top 8 players will advance into the Season Finale for their shot at $5,000 and the title of LEGENDS Champion.

All of the action will unfold online via the PlayStation Network, and entry for all qualifier brackets is FREE.

Eager to follow the series? Feel welcome to review this page - info.stream.me/legends.

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