Reveal Trailer for Boss Character "Inferno" in #SOULCALIBURVI

The central antagonist of the Soul Calibur franchise finally gets his reveal trailer for Soul Calibur VI.

Rather than wearing a suit of armor as he did in the classics, Inferno, the evil spirit inhabiting the legendary Soul Edge, is revealed in his true form as a ghastly humanoid specter whose body is composed of the flames of Hell. The Soul Edge itself serves as his weapon of choice.

Inferno has appeared primarily as a boss character throughout all of the mainstream Soul Calibur titles, barring IV. However, he was only playable in the Dreamcast and Xbox Live versions of Soul Calibur II through the use of Action Replay. In V, Inferno lived on as an alternate costume for Cervantes.

For the second time in the history of the franchise, it will be possible for players to unlock Inferno…but with a painful drawback.

In the trailer seen above, the video opens with an image that reveals Inferno as a character. Underneath the character text, however, a message is written as follows: “This character cannot be used in online multiplayer.”

This is likely due to Inferno’s status as a boss character, one that will be maintained for the Libra of Soul Story Mode in Soul Calibur VI. In the previous titles, Inferno was notoriously known for his ability to mimic the fighting styles of his opponent, as well as conjure any weapon he desires. Most likely he will retain this capability in the latest iteration of the franchise.

While Inferno will be outlawed from online multiplayer modes, it remains unclear if a similar restriction will be imposed on him in regards to tournament play. While unlockable characters have been a staple of the fighting game genre for decades now, not all such characters have been proven to be so strong that they tip the scales too heavily in their favor.

Inferno will arrive to wreak havoc on the Soul Calibur universe when Soul Calibur VI releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam (PC) platforms on October 19, 2018. With only two weeks left to go, we strongly recommend pre-ordering your copy if you have not yet done so. Pre-orders can be issued via!

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