Top 8 for #WarOfTheGods LEGENDS Qualifier 2 set for October 10th!

Out of approximately 170 players, eight have survived last night’s preliminaries to make it to the final phase of our second qualifier in War of the Gods LEGENDS!

Rather than complete the whole bracket in one night, as was done with last Sunday’s qualifier, we have opted for a slight change in plans. Instead, the Top 8 finals for Qualifier #2 will take place this Wednesday, October 10th, at 8 P.M. Eastern Time.

See below for a look at this week’s finals bracket.

Similar to our previous qualifier, the Top 2 finishers in the above bracket will progress to our first Group Stage, which takes place on October 20th. The four qualifiers are placed among four separate groups, each of which already consists of three Legends that have been invited directly to participate in the more advanced segments of the circuit.

Out of the four qualifiers, two have been locked in already: @SooneoBFGC and @EMPEROR_KOMBAT. The next two will be placed among the following groups to compete in the first Group Stage:

Group 2 - PG Hayatei, CLN Nubcakes, and Noble Rewind

Group 3 - TSS Deoxys, BC HoneyBee, and Noble Tweedy

For those hoping to qualify for LEGENDS, fret not. Once our first Group Stage wraps up, qualifiers will resume on December 15th, barring any unexpected changes in schedule. Please stay tuned to our social media pages, which are listed at the end of this article, for updates on when the next qualifiers are open for registration.

The qualifiers will lead into Group Stages, where four groups with four players each will compete against one another in a Round Robin format. The winners of the Group Stage will progress to a Split Final, where a $2,500 prize pool will be split among the finishers. In addition, the circuit consists of two Split Finals in total, both of which will serve to determine the eight finalists progressing to the Grand Finale.

If you missed out on the preliminaries for our second qualifier, you’ve got quite the catching up to do. Fortunately, we have an archive ready for your eyes to savor! See below.

We deeply thank all of our competitors for participating in our first two qualifiers! We hope to see you back in December when qualifiers resume. Until then, we wish the best of luck to the Top 8 for our second qualifier!

As a final reminder, all events pertaining to War of the Gods will be streamed live via Please follow the page to stay updated whenever our broadcasts begin!

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