Version 1.02 Patch Notes for #SOULCALIBURVI

As of yesterday, a minor update was implemented into the PlayStation 4 version of Bandai’s 3D weapons-based fighter, Soul Calibur VI. This update is expected to roll out to the Xbox One and PC versions tomorrow as well.

Since the launch of the game, the Soul Calibur community has compiled a list of glaring issues in sore need of intervention on Bandai’s part. Among them is a bug that previously affected both Tira and Voldo, enabling them to have easier access to options tied to meter without the need to fill them up (Soul Charge and Critical Edge) by fulfilling incredibly specific conditions. In the case of Voldo, it evolved into an “infinite meter” bug, which prompted discussions for a tournament ban.

Fortunately, this latest update has addressed this bug for both characters. In addition, the range on a handful of attacks for both Geralt and Tira have suffered a reduction, and a PC-specific fix concerning player rankings has been put into effect as well.

The complete notes can be reviewed via a duo of Twitter posts published by the official Soul Calibur Twitter, as well as a schedule on when the patch will go into effect for all platforms supporting the game.

While the list of issues plaguing the game remains lengthy, it has been clarified that these will be addressed in upcoming updates, though no time frame for such an update was given.

In other news, 2B from NieR: Automata was recently revealed as the first of three DLC characters coming to Soul Calibur VI in the near future. She will be available as a separate purchase, but holders of the Soul Calibur VI Season Pass can gain access to her at an earlier time period. Furthermore, a separate stage and soundtrack based on the game from which 2B comes will be included alongside her.

No release date for 2B has been provided as of now.

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