Week 3 Results for Group 1 Playoffs in #WarOfTheGods LEGENDS

With the Injustice 2 Pro Series now a distant memory, fourteen of our sixteen Legends returned to StreamMe last Sunday to resume their competitive journey through the latest iteration of War of the Gods, where players fight their way into a group stage and then participate in Round Robin matches for the chance to qualify for one of two Split Finals and/or the Grand Finale.

Out of all our Legends, the following four have assumed a commanding lead over each of their groups: Semiij, Rewind, Kombat and Grr, each with a win-loss ratio ranging from 66.67% at minimum to 88.89% at best. That said, Groups A and B are currently reflecting player scores with very narrow gaps among the higher-placed competitors, whereas Groups C and D are quite skewed in favor of those sitting cleanly in the upper halves of the rankings.

On the other hand, the following four remain at risk of relegation from the group stage: Deoxys, Forever King, Hayatei and Knicks. Should their position remain unchanged by the end of Round 6, they will be required to qualify again in January before resuming their participation in the group stage.

With another three rounds to go through before our first Split Final on December 16th, the possibilities for dramatic shifts in the rankings remain numerous. Below is an image that shows where all sixteen of our Legends currently stand.

IPS Playday 3.png

We commend all of our competitors for delivering on high-quality performances in their respective rounds, and we are eager to welcome them all back for Round 6 this upcoming Sunday, November 25th.

As with all of our previous brackets, the action was live-streamed via the home page for War of the Gods: www.stream.me/war. If you were unable to catch the third round on stream, we’ve prepared a video archive on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Check it out!

Want to catch up on the results for the first two weeks of the group stage? See the following articles below to enjoy written recaps of each week, complete with results and a video archive.

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As a reminder, all sixteen of our Legends are competing for their shares of a $10,000 prize pool, which is being split into portions between our two Split Finals ($2,500 apiece) and the Grand Finale ($5,000). Only twelve Legends will progress into a Split Final, whereas the eight best Legends will make it into the Grand Finale for the opportunity to be recognized as our Season Champion.

With the series now in its halftime period, any and all results from here on out have become incredibly crucial. To our competitors, we wish them all the best of luck for the last three weeks of the first Group Stage!

To keep in touch with the series, simply follow all of our social media and www.stream.me/war.

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