Version 1.4.3 Update to @RivalsOfAether overhauls ranking system

Today, Rivals of Aether received a major update that overhauled its ranking system by replacing Ranked Scores, which was originally the primary means of progression in Ranked, with a new system called Ranked Tiers.

Players will now progress through a series of tiers by earning stars, which are awarded to the winners of each ranked set. There are six tiers in total, each of which will have five levels assigned to them (example: you can level up from Bronze 5 to Bronze 4).

Each win initially awards one star, but if you build on a win streak, you can add more than that to your achievements. Even better, if you defeat a player whose tier is higher than your own, you’ll earn an additional star equivalent to the difference in both players’ tiers.

Players cannot lose stars or be de-ranked once they level up their tier. There are six tiers in total: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally, Master. When it comes to match-making, players in the first three tiers can only be matched with players from those tiers, and vice-versa (for instance, a Diamond player can only be matched against Platinum, Diamond or Master players).

The new ranking system also introduces new means for players to enjoy their journey to the top, such as an emote system. Before beginning each match, you can share pre-game messages with one another at the character select screen. As you level up your characters by winning matches, you’ll unlock newer messages to use.

Characters’ levels are maxed out at 10. With this new update in effect, all characters will be starting from level 1. The higher their level, the more content you unlock.

As Rivals enters into its fourth season of ranked competition, players will be treated to this refurbished system going forward. The developers also remain hard at work experimenting with solutions for improving the netcode as a whole, but they have opted to release this new ranking system early in the hopes of obtaining community feedback.

Also, as is usually the case with updates, a series of balance changes have been put into effect. The notes as a whole can be reviewed here and below:

Gameplay and Balance Changes

  • Landing no longer clears the right stick’s buffer. Instead, it turns it into a normal 6 frame buffer instead of the 8 frame right stick buffer.

  • Tilt stick will no longer allow you to cancel a jab into a backward tilt.

  • Purple aether kill effect logic adjusted: now checks all even numbered DI angles (19 total) instead of just checking 7.

    • OLD:

      • check full DI in

      • check no DI

      • check full DI out

      • check 12 degrees in

      • check 12 degrees out

      • check 6 degrees in

      • check 6 degrees out

    • NEW:

      • do all old calculations

      • check remaining even numbered angles (12 different angles)


  • Jumping during the hitpause of Nspecial will always buffer a jump after hitpause ends.
    (This is useful for jumping after hitting a pillar or activating the purple kill effect)

  • Uspecial’s final hitbox now has knockback staling: BKB starts at 7 and goes down to 5 (the current value) by the end of movement. This makes early hit Uspecial stronger.

  • Dspecial’s spike hitbox is no longer techable and forces a missed tech instead of bouncing the opponent off the ground.


  • Standing on overlapping puddles will no longer cause Fspecial to fail to absorb the puddle.


  • Hitting Ranno’s bubble and Sylvanos’ flower with Fspecial now only lets you jump cancel for the next 20 frames instead of indefinitely.


  • Clone will no longer get locked out of exploding if his first explosion is interrupted (such as pillar breaking under him during the move’s startup).


  • Can no longer hit himself when throwing a rock with Uair.

  • Can no longer fastfall while being hit during armored Uspecial.

  • No longers gets the benefits of being on ice when standing under low, ice-covered platforms.

Ori and Sein

  • Can no longer bash Lily when she’s being de-spawned.

  • Double jumping while trying to use Uspecial while it’s unavailable will no longer cause Ori to super-jump.


  • Bubble knockback will no longer reverse for outward hitting moves if the attacking player is facing left.


  • Jab 1 range shortened.

    1. Jab 3 replaced with large repeatable jabs.

  • Jab special now spawns lower and travels a very short distance, allowing Sylvanos to place flowers on the ground underneath platforms. It will now also combo if the opponent DI’s jab 2 inward.

    • ectile now deals no knockback ever.

    • Ftilt startup: 7 > 5 (reverted to pre-1.4.0).

    • Utilt startup: 6 > 8 (reverted to pre-1.4.0).

    • Sylvanos no longer jumps upward during the startup of Utilt, making the move significantly better as an anti-air.

    • Dstrong angle: 55 > 50.

    • Uair solo hit2 removed.

    • Uair 2 base knockback: 7 > 8.

    • Uair 2 knockback scaling: .5 > .65.

    • Nspecial multihit damage: 2 > 1 (total damage: 14 > 10).

    • Can now have 3 flowers out (when 3 flowers are active, the oldest flower is colored differently from the other two).

    • Flowers only grow a small area of grass instead of the full platform (they still prevent the whole platform’s grass from dying when Sylvanos is away).

    • Flowers now destroy the grass around them when they are hit.

    • Flowers no longer have a single tile of grass missing.

    • Grass no longer ages while Sylvanos is in hitpause from hitting an opponent.

    • Jump cancelling Fspecial locks him out of airdodging for 10 frames.

    • Uspecial’s bite is now invincible until the hitbox comes out.

    • Dspecial now has a visual to show the howl’s range.

    • Grass on the left edge of a platform will no longer die when using Dspecial


  • Dash attack endlag: 18 > 16 (27 > 24 on whiff).

  • Ftilt startup: 9 > 7.

  • Fair hitbox size increased.

  • Fspecial will no longer trigger the purple kill effect if the opponent is stuck.

Shovel Knight

  • Jab/Nair damage: 5 > 6.

  • Ftilt/Fair damage: 3 > 4.

  • Utilt damage: 5 > 8.

  • Utilt will no longer break Kragg’s pillar after it loses its hitbox.

  • Dair damage: 6 > 7 (normal hit) and 7 > 10 (spike hit).

  • Dstrong strongest hit hitpause scaling: 0 > 1 (bug fix).

  • Mobile Gear now gets destroyed at the bottom blastzone instead of slightly above it.

  • Uspecial’s spike hitbox is no longer techable and forces a missed tech instead of bouncing the opponent off the ground.

  • Dstrong’s spike hitboxes force a missed tech instead of bouncing the opponent off the ground.

Rivals of Aether is available for download on both Steam (PC) and Xbox One.

Rivals of Aether - Steam Store
Rivals of Aether - Xbox Store

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