Balance Update coming to #KOFXIV this December + SNK esports program expands to cover online events

King of Fighters XIV is receiving its next balance update after over a half-year, as per an announcement from SNK Corporation last weekend.

As of now, details on what exactly will be affected by this update remain scarce. We do know, however, that SNK aims to implement this update by the end of December 2018.

Furthermore, SNK has moved to expand upon their esports program by making online events eligible for consideration. The company opened this program earlier this year with the goal of providing tournament support to any and all events including their games, retro and modern alike, as part of its lineup. One such avenue of support includes increased advertisement and a contribution to that event’s prize pool.

Any events receiving direct support from SNK are announced via their official Twitter account, @SNKPofficial.

If you are a tournament organizer for an online or offline event that supports King of Fighters XIV or any other game published by SNK, you can email the company via the following address: To review the requirements necessary for your event to be considered for support, check out this page concerning the SNK esports program at their official website.

To give you an example of an event receiving support, SNK announced their endorsement of an upcoming event taking place in Pakistan this mid-December at the Expo Centre in Lahore. King of Fighters XIV will be included in their lineup, and competitors can compete to win cash prizes and official merchandise from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.

The local event in question is brought to you by GamePak, a growing organization based in Pakistan to support today’s generation of young gamers. Details are available via this Facebook page.

As of now, this program is set to support any events that occur before July 31, 2019. Whether or not the deadline will be expanded remains unclear at this time.

King of Fighters XIV, released in August 2016, is the latest installment in a series brought to life during the beloved arcade days in the 1990s. It presents a unique take on the genre by implementing a system where players choose up to three fighters to take on each other in multiplayer battles. Players control one character at a time, and when all three characters on their team are eliminated, the match is over.

With up to fifty characters and a variety of old and new game modes to enjoy, KOF XIV retains its ties to the roots of the franchise while catering to the modern era of fighters. Players can enjoy this game on either the PlayStation 4 console or Steam (PC).

The product was developed by Atlus U.S.A. Inc. and published by SNK Corporation.

PlayStation Store - King of Fighters XIV
Steam (PC) Store - King of Fighters XIV

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