Special @NFL Outfits in @FortniteGame are coming this Friday, November 9th!

The recent fusion between traditional sports and esports continues to gain traction via a drastic but not unexpected move by the National Football League, or NFL for short.

Epic Games, developer of the wildly popular battle royale title known as Fortnite, have recently confirmed that they have entered into a partnership with the NFL to deliver a variety of NFL-themed character skins. These skins will be available for purchase in Fortnite’s in-game shop beginning this Friday, November 9th, at 7 P.M. Eastern Time.

Outfits for all thirty-two teams in the NFL will be included among your options, as will an additional unique Fortnite team. Furthermore, buyers can choose any number from 0 to 99 to place on the back of their jerseys so as to complete the look.

If you’re a football enthusiast, this is undoubtedly one of the strongest methods one can use to demonstrate their support for their favorite team.

As with all other items, these will be available to purchase using V Bucks, which can be obtained via cash purchases or simply playing through the game itself.

This development follows closely behind Michael Jordan and Drake’s recent entrances into the world of esports, which occurred near the end of October. Jordan entered into a co-partnership with aXiomatic’s Team Liquid and Declaration Capital, whereas Drake and producer Scooter Braun assumed co-ownership of Matthew “Nadeshot” Hagg’s 100 Thieves, an esports organization rooted deeply in the Call of Duty community.

With this partnership, the National Football League joins us on a roller coaster ride as the spotlight continues to shine on esports.

Where Fortnite is concerned, Epic Games is in the midst of hosting their first season of Fortnite esports, in which a total prize pool of a staggering $100,000,000 is being distributed across a variety of events. Qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup are set to launch next year, and tournaments online and offline continue to be funded. Updates on Fortnite esports are provided regularly via their website.

An in-game tournaments option for Fortnite has been introduced in an update made on October 11th, enabling players to take the next step from casual to competitive play.

Fortnite first launched in 2017 as two separate titles: Save the World and Battle Royale. Both are free to play, but the latter practically exploded as an esports sensation, attracting more than 125 million players within a year and earning hundreds of millions of dollars per month. Even today, the game continues to be the most played title across various streaming sites, and is a constant reference at even non-gaming ventures.

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Source: www.epicgames.com

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