DLC Lineup for #SmashBrosUltimate has been confirmed to be locked in.

Well, it seems that we can discard the idea of the Smash Ballot making a return next year.

As those who tuned in to last week’s Nintendo Direct are aware, game director Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that up to five newcomers would be integrated into Smash Bros Ultimate as DLC after the game’s launch in December 2018. Each newcomer would come with their own stage and music tracks, further adding to an already expansive collection of 103 stages and around 900 pieces of music.

None of the DLC were revealed during the Direct. In fact, Sakurai stated explicitly that development for the DLC would begin immediately after the main game’s launch, and that release dates were not locked down for any of the characters. However, he did let slip - intentionally - that the newcomers would be completely unique additions to the roster, developed from scratch (that is to say, without drawing upon any of the assets used for existing characters).

Given how the period of DLC occurred for Smash on Wii-U and 3DS three years ago, some assumed that community feedback would become crucial once again in determining who the newcomers would be, as was the case with characters like Bayonetta, who won the worldwide Smash Ballot with a convincing sweep.

That won’t be the case this time, according to the following tweets published by Sakurai as of only a few hours ago. In his exact words, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC lineup is now complete.”

With Nintendo taking the reins for the decision regarding DLC, one has to wonder: who will make the cut?

While you ponder over this, we want to remind you that in addition to the base game, a Fighters Pass for Smash Bros Ultimate will be opened for purchase on December 7th.. The pass itself costs $24.99 USD but guarantees you immediate access to each newcomer as they are released. If you’d rather purchase each set separately, as there will be five sets of DLC in total (one character, one stage and one set of music tracks apiece), each will cost $5.99 USD.

All of the add-on content will be made available by February 2020, as confirmed in last week’s Direct.

For those who want to purchase the pass immediately, you can pre-order a bundle containing the digital edition and Fighters Pass here. The bundle is priced at $84.99 USD.

Excited for Smash Bros Ultimate next month?! Please visit www.smashbros.com to learn more about the game and/or to preorder your copy now!

For those who’d like to catch up on the latest Nintendo Direct for Ultimate, please see below for an archive from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. Details regarding the DLC can be found at the 30:15 mark.

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