Nine regions will compete for $2,000,000 in the 2019 season of @PUBGEsports

Today, PubG Corporation dropped an announcement concerning details on the 2019 season for PubG esports.

The upcoming season will incorporate a variety of changes suggested by the community into an updated system governing PubG esports.

You can get the full scoop on their announcement via their official blog. Otherwise, read on to learn more.

Pro competitions will be held in nine separate regions, six of which will have a “pro league” structure. The six regions following this structure will be North America, Europe, Korea, China, Japan, and Chinese Taipei/Hong Kong/Mexico.

Meanwhile, the remaining three regions - Southeast Asia, Latin America and Oceania - will offer a “pro circuit” structure via a series of tournaments.

Teams will compete in all regions with the goal of ascending to the winning spot in their respective regional leaderboard. With nine regions in total, this means that up to nine teams will participate in the Global Championship, where a $2,000,000 prize pool will be up for grabs. The winning team will obtain the highest share at $1,000,000.

The events in each pro league and pro circuit, as well as the location for the Global Championship, have yet to be verified.

The season will last for the entirety of 2019, beginning in January and ending in December. It will be divided into three phases, each of which will cover three months. Phase 1 will take place from January to March; Phase 2 from April to June; and Phase 3 from the end of August to October. A Global Event will follow closely after each of the first two phases.

Furthermore, after the completion of Phase 2, the All-Star Games will take place. Popular teams among the PubG community will be invited to participate in public exhibitions, which will follow a different course in comparison to the competitive aspect of PubG Esports, as it will be geared towards a casual and entertainment nature.

The Global Championship is set to launch in November 2019. Discussions with third-party organizers are underway in the hopes of adding additional Global Events to the 2019 season for PubG Esports, though no details have surfaced yet.

Finally, all competitions related to the 2019 seasonal circuit will adhere by a universal set of rules. This is to avoid confusion on how the outcome of each PubG event is to be considered, as throughout the 2018 season, different rulesets were in effect for various events.

Details on the universal ruleset include:

  • sixteen squads on Erangel and Miramir in first-person perspective only.

  • unified settings with unique blue zone settings and item drop rates.

  • all events will abide by a universal points system regardless of region.

The previous season of PubG Esports revolved around an invitational which brought twenty qualified teams to the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, where a $2,000,000 prize pool would be up for grabs. Teams competed in first- and third-person perspectives to outdo their opponents.

The Gen.G Gold team won the third-person event to take home $420,000, but finished in 9th place for the first-person event, winning an additional $20,000. Team Oh My God claimed victory in the first-person event, winning $430,000 as a result, but managed to finish just inside of the Top 4 for the third-person event, earning an extra $70,000.

With PubG Corporation gearing up for another competitive season, teams everywhere will anxiously await details on how the regional qualifiers will be run. Stay tuned to @PUBGEsports and @PUBG on Twitter for updates as they come.

PubG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is available for Steam (PC), Xbox One and mobile devices.

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