.@EsportsArena partners with @Walmart to bring the esports experience to five Walmart locations

Recently, Esports Arena, the first dedicated esports facility to open in North America, announced a partnership with the world’s number one retailer, Walmart.

This collaboration will result in the inclusion of miniature Esports Arenas at up to five Walmart locations, and these will prove equally potent in bringing the esports experience to a much broader audience. Three such locations have already opened, and two more are set to follow.

To go along with this expansion, a new line of gaming PCs, called OVERPOWERED, have launched exclusively at Walmart’s official website. This new line of merchandise consists of three laptops and three gaming PCs, all of which are developed with premium specs and offer competitive pricing.

A specific webpage for the new merch, called opowered.com, has also launched.

According to Tyler Endres, CEO of Esports Arena, the conversation between the Arena and Walmart unfolded around a year ago at the original Arena in Orange County. Walmart was the first to initiate the conversation, expressing the desire to bring the esports experience to the average Walmart customer.

Locations have opened at Colorado Springs, CO, Roseville, CA, and Spokane Valley, WA as of November 3, 2018. Two more are on the way, but locations and dates have yet to be announced.

Any customers desiring to check out the Esports Arena locations at the affected Walmarts can check out esportsarena.com, as the main page has been updated with links to pages concerning the newly added Arenas. Links to the standalone Arenas in Orange County, Oakland and Las Vegas are also provided.

Each Arena will offer their own library of 25 setups in total, including a mixture of PCs and PlayStation 4s. Players will be able to compete against fellow players on-site or against other customers playing at other Arenas.

And yes, as you may have been hoping for, Esports Arena plans to operate their new locations via the familiar format of open play on weekdays and tournaments on weekends. Streams for each event will also be provided directly from the Walmart arenas.

According to esportsarena.com/walmart, we can expect the following titles to be featured at the Walmart locations at the following schedule:

  • Monday: League of Legends

  • Tuesday: Black Ops 4 - Blackout

  • Wednesday: Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

  • Thursday: Overwatch

  • Friday: Fortnite

As for the weekend events, they will alternate between Fortnite and Black Ops 4 on a weekly basis. It is unclear if they will expand to other titles over time.

The locations will be available on weekdays from 2:30 P.M. to 11 P.M. and on weekends from 11 A.M. to 2 A.M., and community league nights will go live at 7 P.M. every day. Customers will pay $5 per hour to enjoy the attractions, but after 7 P.M., that price will double to $10 per hour.

To quote Mr. Endres regarding his thoughts on the collaboration between Esports Arena and Walmart:

"We at Esports Arena could not be more excited about this collaboration with Walmart. Walmart's incredible reach allows us to bring the esports experience to a much broader audience, and expand at a much faster rate."

If you happen to live in any of the affected locations, we heavily urge you to make a detour to your local Walmart and bask in the phenomenal experience offered by Esports Arena. For further updates, please follow @EsportsArena and @OverPoweredCo on Twitter!

Source: eventhubs.com

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