Details on Steam version of #FEXL coming next week!

Today, ARIKA announced via Twitter that they would be dropping a truckload of information regarding the Steam version of Fighting EX Layer, which was confirmed to be in development via a teaser clip on their YouTube channel.

When the product first launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive earlier this year, the company expressed their desire to expand FEXL over to Steam (PC) but chose to wait and see how well the initial version would do sales-wise. Apparently, the people have spoken with their wallets, and so an expansion is imminent.

For those curious, the teaser clip revealing Fighting EX Layer on Steam can be seen below.

Not much has been elaborated upon since the reveal, but that is set to change next week. And in addition to the Steam version, FEXL players can look forward to an update for the PlayStation 4 version and the arcade version, the latter of which is currently planned for a testing stage in Japan and select arcades around the United States.

According to their Facebook post here, however, we already have an idea of what is included in the upcoming update. Read on for full details:

  • support for various language options in-game will be added. These include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

  • Digital Rights Management will not be implemented for the Steam version of FEXL. While this puts ARIKA at risk of unauthorized redistribution of their product, this does mean that players need not be logged in to their Steam account in order to play the game. That said, the company will put their foot down on illegal use of their product.

More details will be revealed next week, though exactly when is unclear.

For those wishing to try Fighting EX Layer right now, it is available as a digital-only title on the PlayStation 4, and in two versions: the “Light” version, which offers five in-game Gougi decks; and the “Standard” version, which offers fifteen Gougi decks and an extra character named Hokuto. Both versions come with a full base roster of twelve characters.

Determine the version that works best for you, and then visit the corresponding link below to purchase the product!

PSN Store - Fighting EX Layer, Light Version
PSN Store - Fighting EX Layer, Standard Version

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