Week 2 Results for Group 1 Playoffs in #WarOfTheGods LEGENDS + @MisterAquaman will commentate the IPS Season 2 Finals!

Last weekend, we completed our second running for the first group playoffs in War of the Gods LEGENDS, which will prove crucial in determining who progresses to our first Split Final and who will be relegated from the playoffs.

Before opening with the results, we do feel the need to clarify something. While we would initially have a fight card consisting of eight matches, not all of our Legends were able to participate due to being integrated into a live event hosted by Body Count Fighting, a live program that provides broadcasts of exhibition matches and tournaments from Los Angeles, CA (you can follow them at @bcfighting).

However, we have another four rounds to complete before proceeding to the first Split Final, meaning that our Legends will have more than enough time to build themselves back up into a favorable status for qualification.

In the meantime, we’d like to present the updated scores from Round 2 of the Group 1 playoffs. Have a look at the image below for full results.

Group LEGENDS Week 2.png

As you can see, each of the first three groups are led by players with a shared score of eight wins and three losses: Noble Semiij, EMPEROR Kombat and Noble Rewind. As for Grr, he remains the leader of Group D with an untarnished record, as he was not included in the fight card for Round 2.

Unfortunately, the following four players remain at risk of being cut from the playoffs: PG Hayatei, HZRDS Knicks, Forever King and TSS Deoxys. Should their status not change by the end of Round 6, they will be relegated and forced to qualify again via either of our last two open qualifiers in January.

For those who missed out on the live broadcast for LEGENDS last Sunday, we finally have an archive ready for you to enjoy. See below!

For the upcoming week, we will be taking a temporary hiatus from Legends to prepare for the finale to Season 2 of the Injustice 2 Pro Series, which takes place in Chicago, the home territory of NetherRealm Studios, on Tuesday, November 13th. Sixteen of the best Injustice 2 players from around the globe will compete for bragging rights and their share of a $100,000 prize pool, with ESPN3 and Disney XD broadcasting their matches to the world!

While we’re mentioning the finals, we are thrilled to announce that our very own Ryan “MisterAquaman” Kablik has been selected to participate alongside a commentary team for the IPS finale! More specifically, he will be sharing the microphone with David “ultradavid” Graham and Joshua Gray for the Disney XD portion of the broadcast, which will cover the Top 4 finals exclusively!

Fans of our War of the Gods series will want to keep an eye out for Mr Aquaman’s appearance at the finals! We also wish the best of luck to all sixteen finalists competing in the IPS finale!

The Group 1 playoffs for LEGENDS will resume on Sunday, November 18th. Please follow our main channel at www.stream.me/war and ensure that your email notifications are enabled, so that when the fun continues, you won’t be missing out!

To all of our players and supporters, we thank you for your tireless enthusiasm in supporting War of the Gods! Enjoy the IPS Season 2 Finals and we will see you next time!

JagoBlake, the author of this article, is an esports enthusiast who just so happens to have a way with words. Whenever he is not scouring the Internet in pursuit of breaking news, he's investing time into his favorite fighting games so as not to appear inadequate in the face of competition. To support his work, follow him on Twitter - @xJagoBlake.

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