First Split Final in #WarOfTheGods LEGENDS locked in for December 30th!

We are thrilled to announce the twelve players who have qualified for the first Split Final in our hybrid invitational-open event, War of the Gods LEGENDS!

On December 30th, the top three Legends of each of our four player groups will be merged into a twelve-player double-elimination bracket, which will follow standard tournament rules instead of the rules that governed all six playdays throughout the first Group Stage. This means that our finalists will be racing to three wins instead of four, and should they lose two sets, that’s the end of the road for them.

In addition, up to $2,500 will be distributed across the Top 8 of our first Split Final. Prizes range from $100 at 7th place to $700 for the winner! The complete payout scale will be as follows:

1st Place - $700
2nd Place - $500
3rd Place - $400
4th Place - $300
5th Place - $200
7th Place - $100

With all of that said, join us in congratulating the twelve players that will be participating in the first Split Final at the end of this month!

  • BC Biohazard

  • BC HoneyBee

  • Noble Semiij


  • Nubcakes

  • Noble Rewind

  • sooneo

  • CLN Basics

  • Simplicity Tweedy

  • DF Grr


  • Method SylverRye

All have put on an exceptional showing for the entirety of the Group Stage, just as they previously did in the first three seasons of War of the Gods! We look forward to witnessing all of their matches later this month, which of course will be live-streamed via Follow the channel and ensure that your email alerts are enabled so you don’t miss out!

An official bracket will be finalized and released via our social media (listed at the end of this post), so please follow our pages to stay updated.

With the first Group Stage behind us, we will be entering into a two-week hiatus so that all of you can enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and an amazing 2019!

Didn’t get to catch the final round for the first Group Stage? See below for the archive.

As always, we are deeply appreciative of those who not only participate in our events, but who also tune in to enjoy the action! 2018 has been a year well-spent with the NRS community, and we will always treasure the memories.

Until next time…stay warm!

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