The Dragonball FighterZ World Tour Finals will be hosted at the #RedBullFinalSummoning in Los Angeles on January 26-27, 2019!

Yesterday, the final destination (no, not a Smash joke) for the Dragonball FighterZ World Tour was announced by both Bandai Namco and Red Bull Esports.

The eight best DBFZ players in the world, seven of which will consist of the winners of the seven Saga Events across the globe and the eighth to be decided via LCQ, will throw down in The Majestic Downtown at Los Angeles CA, located specifically at the A.G. Bartlett Building, for bragging rights and their respective shares of a $25,000 prize pool.

The finale itself will be presented at a new event by Red Bull: the Red Bull Final Summoning. It will occur on the weekend of January 26-27, with the LCQs set to take place on the 26th before being followed by the final showdown on the 27th.

We mentioned “LCQs” in the plural sense. This is because that, while six of the Sagas have come to a close, three of them were won by GGP Kazunoko: CEO 2018, Southeast Asia Major, and Japan Round. The other three Sagas were each claimed by EVO 2018 Champion Echo Fox SonicFox, CYCLOPS GO1, and the Summit of Power winner, NRG HookGangGod.

Should Kazunoko continue to add to his streak by winning Australia’s CouchWarriors CrossUp, which has been designated as the final Saga Event, this means that only four of the eight slots in the DBFZ World Tour Finals will be occupied. Therefore, up to four last chance qualifiers will need to be played out to determine who will progress to the finals.

As of now, registration for three LCQ brackets is open and can be completed via All LCQs are free to enter.

CouchWarriors CrossUp, or the seventh Saga, will occur this weekend at Coburg North, VIC, Australia. Following that, two more Online Dragon Radar events, both of which will target Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia, will take place in early January, before the World Tour ultimately concludes in Los Angeles.

The tour was organized by Bandai Namco shortly after the initial launch of Dragonball FighterZ in order to promote the competitive aspect to its community. The first of seven Saga Events took place at the new home for CEO: Daytona Beach’s Ocean Center, which would house over 7,000 gamers within the span of one weekend. As the tour progressed, Bandai Namco proceeded to add qualifier events where the winners would be flown out to a Saga Event of their choosing.

Along with Bardock and Broly, six more characters have also joined the fight in Dragonball FighterZ as the tour progressed, effectively completing the DLC lineup for the game’s opening season: the base forms of Goku and Vegeta, Vegito Blue, Fused Zamasu, Cooler, and Android 17. Along with a small number of balance patches, the game has evolved dramatically along with its community.

Perhaps a coincidence, but Dragonball FighterZ first released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC) on January 26th this year, and the World Tour Finals are scheduled for January 26-27 in 2019. This effectively means that the DBFZ community will be celebrating the 2018 Fighting Game of the Year’s first anniversary with a display of their strongest talents imaginable, many of which have amassed impressive results for themselves within the span of one year!

What’s interesting to note is that each of the four qualified finalists for the DBFZ World Tour come from completely different corners of the fighting game community. SonicFox is known for his legendary winning streak in the NetherRealm Studios community, whereas HookGangGod’s origins are rooted within anime fighters. Both Kazunoko and GO1, however, come from the highly cherished Street Fighter series. In essence, the stage is being set for a grand finals brimming with variety.

At the time of this post, over 300 Z Fighters have signed up for CouchWarriors CrossUp in an effort to grasp at one of the few remaining openings in the World Tour Finale. For anyone hoping to enter, the SmashGG page for the event can be found here.

Complete details on the DBFZ World Tour are available at

In closing, let’s look back at the Grand Finals for the Japan Round, which served as Saga 6 in the World Tour, to see how Kazunoko overcome a 150-man bracket and added to his monstrous win streak…

Who will claim the seventh and final Dragon Ball for themselves?! Find out next time…on DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ!

Source: @BandaiNamcoUS

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