Version 1.2.0 Update for #SmashBrosUltimate scheduled to arrive next week!

It’s been only a half-week since the anticipated release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, yet already we have a second update on the way!

After releasing the game’s first patch upon launch day, Nintendo is gearing up for a second round next week. Upon logging in to your copy of the game, you will immediately be shown a notice for the next update titled Version 1.2.0.

Aside from a brief note that replays created during the current version will not function once the update drops, nothing was specified about what exactly this patch would affect. However, Nintendo will release the patch notes the second the update goes live.

If you have any clips you want to keep accessible for when the game is updated, go to the Vault menu at the starting screen, then Replays, then Replay Data, and finally Convert to Video. Choose the replays you want to keep, then convert them accordingly. Be advised that you will need a microSD card for your Nintendo Switch in order to store your converted clips.

With the game not even a week old (when you discount the fact that players have had early access to Smash Ultimate before last Friday), the possibility of potential buffs and nerfs to the characters is incredibly slim, though all bets are not off yet.

Rather, the Smash community has expressed their hopes for potential fixes to the current state of Smash Ultimate’s online gameplay, which is currently suffering from the following anomalies:

  • despite using the “Preferred Ruleset” feature to find opponents whose preferences match your own, players are still matched under entirely different conditions. For example, even when you’ve set your ruleset so that you’ll find one-versus-one matches, you can still get thrust into four-player Free-For-All matches.

  • when using background matchmaking to search for opponents, your controls will immediately revert to the default setting once you enter a match, regardless of the setting you are currently using. This also occurs when using Battle Arena to directly invite opponents, however you can exit and re-enter the Arena to resolve this issue.

  • based on input from players via Twitter, once you have qualified for the Elite Smash mode online (which is done by raising your Global Smash Power to a sufficient level), you are randomly forced into matches regardless of the settings (be it Free-For-All, Team Battle, items enabled and so on), and you are not given the option to pass up on participating.

As of now, the best approach to take when playing online is to seek out friends and invite them to a Battle Arena. As well, players will want to equip their Switches with LAN Adapters, which will ensure a more stable environment for online play as opposed to Wi-Fi.

Once the patch notes are released by Nintendo, we will update you accordingly.

Source: @SSBUNews

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