Content Update on December 18th brings balance adjustments and NieR:Automata's 2B to #SoulCaliburVI

Next Monday, Soul Calibur VI will receive a content update, titled Version 1.10.

The aim of this update is to address the current state of Soul Calibur VI’s netcode, which has not received a positive reception thus far. It also introduces a slew of balance adjustments for both the game mechanics and the characters.

The patch notes, which span 13 pages in total, are available here for anyone wishing to review them.

Furthermore, ever since the reveal of 2B, Soul Calibur VI’s first guest character from NieR: Automata, Bandai Namco had never disclosed her release date…until today. She will be available exactly one day after the December 17th update for all platforms on which the game is supported.

In addition to 2B herself, her character pack will include a stage based on the game from which she comes, along with background music and her own share of customization items. Upon her release, she will be immediately available to all season pass holders, but 2B can also be downloaded as a stand-alone package.

The Season Pass itself will also include early access to three other DLC characters as they are released in the future. Those characters have not been named at this time.

If you have yet to download the season pass, visit the link below that corresponds to your platform to scoop it up.

PlayStation Store - Soul Calibur VI Season Pass
Xbox Store - Soul Calibur VI Season Pass
Steam (PC) Store - Soul Calibur VI Season Pass

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