Tickets for #MK11 Reveal Event in London will become available on December 14th!

Early this morning, NetherRealm Studios released a notice pertaining to the community reveal event that the MK11 reveal trailer hinted towards last week.

Since the game’s explosive reveal at the Game Awards 2018, a growing number of NRS players have shared the news that they were directly invited by the company to be among the first to showcase the newest installation in the Mortal Kombat franchise. The list would take a novel to recount, but to give you some examples, Brad “Scar” Vaughn, longtime FGC veteran Echo Fox Justin Wong, and Christian “ForeverKing” Quiles are among those invited, as evidenced by their announcements via Twitter.

As seen in the posts above, their invitations reference Los Angeles, CA as the location where the MK11 community reveal will take place. But as it turns out, the fireworks will erupt in London as well, at a concert center called the KOKO.

Beginning tomorrow at 10:00 GMT/11:00 CET, the European MK enthusiasts can punch in their tickets for London’s take on the MK11 community reveal. The tickets can be scooped via

One can logically assume that tickets for the event in Los Angeles will be up for grabs in the near future. Both LA and London will celebrate Mortal Kombat 11’s reveal on January 17th.

Other than the opportunity to get their first hands-on experience with the game before it releases, the community reveal will consist of a collection of highlights. These include exhibitions between invited celebrities (none of which were named at this time) and live musical performances.

However, what caught our eye on the MK11 website was a note about “exclusive game reveals.” Could this possibly hint towards additional titles in development by NRS, or does it refer specifically to content reveals in the upcoming Mortal Kombat title?

As you might expect, the team from NetherRealm Studios will be in attendance at the reveal, and they’ll be handing out autographs as they go. Better grab your ticket so you can hope to get a signature from the team responsible for bringing you your dream fighting game!

There is in age limit of 18 for participants at the London reveal.

In closing, we want to indicate that the Xbox One console is seen branded at the bottom of the MK11 webpage. This will likely be the console used to host the MK11 gameplay at the reveal, but many are already speculating that it may hint to a return to the Xbox as the medium for competitive play.

After the first two seasons of the MKX Pro League presented by ESL, the NRS community’s previous experience with Xbox has not settled well with them. However, ESL followed the community’s lead and transitioned to the PlayStation 4 before hosting a third season in early 2016, whilst also providing MKX Challenger Cups for both consoles.

That said, this does beg the question: given ESL’s involvement with both Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2 in terms of tournament support, will they be resurrecting the Pro League for Mortal Kombat 11? Let’s hope so!

Should tickets for the Los Angeles event open today or later, we will provide an update. In the meantime, if you’re as excited for MK11 as we are, consider following our blog and @MortalKombat on Twitter!

JagoBlake, the author of this article, is an esports enthusiast who just so happens to have a way with words. Whenever he is not scouring the Internet in pursuit of breaking news, he's investing time into his favorite fighting games so as not to appear inadequate in the face of competition. To support his work, follow him on Twitter - @xJagoBlake.

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