Version 1.2.0 Update for #SmashBrosUltimate is NOW LIVE.

Note: This post is a follow-up to our previous article covering the 1.2.0 update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Please click here to read.

Though Nintendo had previously announced that the next update would not release until next week, it turns out that they’ve decided to release it a week earlier than intended. In fact, as of last night, it is now live!

Upon logging on to your Switch, you will be prompted to download the update for Smash Ultimate. When you boot up the game, a notice regarding the update will be shown immediately after the title screen, though it doesn’t mention the patch notes. To review them, you’ll need to access the News menu using the Z button at the main menu.

As the Smash Ultimate community hoped, the update addresses the game’s online service by increasing its stability when used for Battle Arenas. It also further prioritizes the settings chosen for your preferred ruleset, increasing your chances of connecting with opponents whose rules match your own, but Nintendo warns that this may lengthen the time it takes before a match is found.

For anyone who has yet to unlock the whole roster in Ultimate, if you are struggling with defeating the hidden challengers as they come, this update will ease their difficulty levels. This adjustment should make the chore of unlocking characters less overbearing.

Finally, this update introduces balance adjustments and fixes to a portion of the roster. The characters affected are:

  • Donkey King

  • Link

  • Kirby

  • Luigi

  • Ice Climbers

  • Young Link

  • Olimar

  • Toon Link

  • Villager

  • Greninja

  • Pac-Man

  • Duck Hunt

  • Isabelle

Nintendo has not provided any clarification as to how the listed characters were affected.

In other news, the reviews for Super Smash Bros Ultimate have been rolling in from the corners of the Internet. Though it is universally agreed upon that the game’s netcode leaves a lot to be desired, the package as a whole has won the hearts of gamers everywhere. Reviewers have awarded near-perfect scores to the product in acknowledgement of its resounding success.

Taken from the trailer below, the following is quoted from reviewers who’ve been able to experience the game for themselves:

  • “Smash Ultimate brings the joy.” - Ars Technica

  • “Done right, and done bigger than ever before.” - IGN

  • “Smash Ultimate gave me more than a sequel, it brought me home.” - Vice Waypoint

  • “One of the most impressive games I’ve seen.” - Twinfinite

  • “True to its title…poised to be the ultimate Super Smash Bros game!” - Game Informer

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, digitally and physically. Also available is a Fighters Pass that grants instant access to five Character Packs as they are released throughout the 2019-2020 cycle, along with Piranha Plant as a bonus character who will be made available in early 2019.

The first of five DLC characters coming to Ultimate was revealed, at Game Awards 2018, to be Joker from Persona 5. The other four have yet to be identified at this time.

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