#WarOfTheGods LEGENDS will conclude after the Group 1 Split Final on December 30th

To those of you who have followed our LEGENDS invitational since October, there has been a significant change in scheduling that we must bring to your attention.

Initially, LEGENDS was set to abide by the following format: two open qualifiers, then a group stage lasting for six weeks, and finally a Split Final. The process would then be repeated for a second Split Final, which would in turn lock in our eight finalists for the LEGENDS Grand Finale in 2019.

Unfortunately, we have come to the decision to end the circuit earlier than planned. There will now be only one Split Final which will still occur on December 30th as initially reported here. Both a second Group Stage and the Grand Finale are no longer a part of the equation.

As a result of the decrease in the duration of LEGENDS, the prize pool will now be a total of $2,500 instead of $10,000. Winnings will be distributed among the Top 8 winners of the Split Final.

A recap on how the Split Final will go: twelve finalists will compete in a double elimination bracket in the hopes of winning their share of $2,500. Tournament standard rules will apply instead of the special ruleset used for the group stage, meaning that all matches will be a race to three wins and that each competitor only gets two shots to win it all.

The following players have qualified for the Split Final:

  • BC Biohazard

  • BC HoneyBee

  • Noble Semiij


  • Nubcakes

  • Noble Rewind

  • sooneo

  • CLN Basics

  • Simplicity Tweedy

  • DF Grr


  • Method SylverRye

An official bracket will be finalized and posted via our social media (linked at the bottom of this article) in the near future. We thank all of our finalists for their participation and wish them the best of luck!

In related news, it saddens us to report that Ryan “MrAquaman” Kablik has resigned his post as tournament coordinator for StreamMe. As a farewell gesture to LEGENDS, he and Echo will reprise their roles as commentators for the Split Final.

Near the end of 2016, our staff created the blueprint for the first Kombat Cup: an exclusively online circuit supporting tournament play for the final version of Mortal Kombat XL. Around that time, MrAquaman joined with us as our tournament coordinator and lead commentator. He and Joel “Echo_FGC” Cronan became iconic for their commentary throughout both the Kombat Cup and War of the Gods.

Mr Aquaman’s passion for the NRS community never lessened in intensity. On or off the commentary desk, he has always pushed for additional opportunities to be granted to the scene. His drive eventually earned him the additional role of a caster for Season 2 of the Injustice 2 Pro Series, an achievement that would put him on the microphone for the Evolution 2018 Championships and the Season 2 finale in Las Vegas and Chicago, respectively.

For the past two years, we have enjoyed working with Mr Aquaman throughout our journey in esports. We are deeply grateful for his contributions and we wish him the absolute best.

Last night, Mr Aquaman released a statement via Twitter confirming his retirement, as well as what appears to be a teaser about future plans from the team that brought you the Kombat Cup and War of the Gods…

JagoBlake, the author of this article, is an esports enthusiast who just so happens to have a way with words. Whenever he is not scouring the Internet in pursuit of breaking news, he's investing time into his favorite fighting games so as not to appear inadequate in the face of competition. To support his work, follow him on Twitter - @xJagoBlake.

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