Capcom states that they "currently have no plans to offer a Season Pass for the #SFVAE 2019 DLC characters."

It seems that for 2019, Capcom is shifting gears in terms of support for Street Fighter V.

While it has been confirmed that the next season of the Capcom Pro Tour will launch in March 2019, it seems that competitors can no longer look forward to six DLC characters being released per season, as was the case with Seasons 1-3. That, of course, is not to say that new characters are no longer incoming, but rather that Capcom appears to be diverting from their previous approach towards DLC characters.

In response to the flood of queries concerning a potential Season Pass following the recent release of Kage (or Evil Ryu), Capcom released a Twitter post stating the following:

“Kage can only be purchased individually with Fight Money or real currency. We currently have no plans to offer a Season Pass for the 2019 DLC characters. Stay tuned for information on future updates!”

For the past three seasons, Capcom announced and released new characters for the SFV lineup one at a time over the course of a full year. They slightly changed up their approach in Season 3 by immediately announcing all six characters - four returning faces and two newcomers - following the conclusion of the Capcom Cup 2017 finals, but chose to stick with their old approach in terms of releasing characters. Each of the three season of content were tied to a Season Pass which allowed players to gain immediate access to each character as they were released.

The instant that Gachikun was crowned the Capcom Cup 2018 Champion, Capcom immediately dragged the game into its fourth season by releasing a balance update and adding Kage to the lineup. This move represents an interesting departure from their previous tradition of teasing the next wave of characters but waiting for a set period of time before actually releasing them.

Capcom has hinted towards “future updates” but has declined to elaborate on their plans.

For anyone attempting to purchase Kage using actual currency rather than Fight Money, they can do so by highlighting the Kage Character Bundle in the Shop sub-menu for SFV. Selecting it will take the player immediately to the PSN Store or Steam Store, where they will be greeted with the option to purchase Kage and all costumes tailored specifically for him. The package itself is priced at $5.99.

Updates on the Capcom Pro Tour will be provided via @StreetFighter, @CapcomFighters and

Didn’t get to witness Gachikun’s triumph at Capcom Cup? Check out the video below to relive the climactic clash between Gachikun’s Rashid and Itabashi Zangief’s Abigail!

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