Week 5 Results for Group 1 Playoffs in #WarOfTheGods LEGENDS

Thank you for tuning in to the fifth week of the group playoffs for our first Group Stage last Sunday!

With only one more round to go before the first Split Final in mid-December, let’s take a look at the updated standings below.

LEGENDS Week 5 Results.png

Thus far, the top two players of each group are all but guaranteed to progress to the first Split Final. In the case of Group A, that applies to the Top 3, as sadly Deoxys will be unable to qualify next week due to the fact that Biohazard leads over him with 19 wins as opposed to Deoxsy’s seven.

As far as the other three groups, a series of incredibly specific circumstances concerning the bottom two players per group would have to take place in order for us to see a change in the finalists. The gap in wins for the lower halves of each group stands exactly at four wins, meaning that if the following events take place, a series of tie-breakers to determine three of our finalists will occur:

  • Forever King, Hayatei, and Hero Killer Stain must win all of their assigned matches next Sunday.

  • if Nubcakes, Knicks, and Basics do not win any of their next matches at all, they will be required to participate in tie-breaker matches with those ranked below them.

As you might imagine, such a window of opportunity is incredibly slim, especially given the quality of play that has been demonstrated by each of our Legends. That said, War of the Gods has become recognized for a series of unexpected events, to paraphrase the title of a classic film, so we don’t recommend counting anybody out!

Be sure to tune in to War of the Gods LEGENDS next Sunday at 7 P.M. Eastern Time for the final round of playoffs for Group 1, as it will ultimately set the stage for our first Split Final, which will have the first of a $10,000 prize pool up for grabs, valued at $2,500! As always, the action will be broadcast live via www.stream.me/war - if you aren’t following the page already, please do so!

For those who were unable to tune in to last Sunday’s broadcast, we’ve prepared a YouTube archive highlighting the Round 5 matches from Group 1. Enjoy!

Skip to the following time stamps in the archive above to find each of the Week 5 matches:

  • 14:24 - Semiij (Catwoman) vs. Biohazard (Bane)

  • 38:22 - Honeybee (The Flash) vs. Forever King (Batman)

  • 58:58 - sooneo (Green Arrow) vs. Deoxys (Catwoman and Cyborg)

  • 1:13:42 - SylverRye (Hellboy) vs. Knicks (Black Manta)

  • 1:33:34 - Kombat (Firestorm) vs. Nubcakes (Batman)

  • 1:51:12 - Biohazard (Black Manta) vs. Sooneo (Green Arrow)

For any players looking to participate in our next wave of qualifiers preceding the second Group Stage, registration for Qualifiers 3 and 4 will open shortly after the completion of the first Split Final! The top two finishers in both qualifiers will be grouped among our twelve remaining Legends to compete for another $2,500 before the Grand Finale takes place. Please follow our social media (listed at the bottom) for updates as they are provided.

As always, we are deeply thankful for your support of War of the Gods! We look forward to your viewership next Sunday as we prepare for the first Split Final this month!

For the complete rundown on LEGENDS, please visit info.stream.me/legends.

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