400-MB Day One Patch for #SmashBrosUltimate has gone live

As confirmed by game director Masahiro Sakurai last week, the very first patch for Super Smash Bros Ultimate has gone into effect, although the game itself remains unavailable to play until this Friday.

Should you be among those that have pre-loaded their copy of Smash Ultimate, you need only highlight the application on your Nintendo Switch’s home menu and press the + button to begin installing the update, which is around 400 MB in size. If you’ve purchased a physical copy instead, you will still be required to download this update when you finally claim it.

No official patch notes have been released by Nintendo at this time, but Sakurai did mention last week that this particular update will “prevent your replays from going off-track,” as quoted in this article by www.sourcegaming.com, who’d provided an English translation of the original article from Famitsu. He also notes that while you can now save your replay videos, they will take up quite an amount of space on your console.

Smash Bros Ultimate officially releases for the Nintendo Switch this Friday. Purchase your copy at www.smashbros.com today to get a download code for a bonus fighter who releases early next year: Piranha Plant!

Something else worth noting: this year’s Game Awards will hit the airwaves tomorrow, December 6th, to celebrate the gaming industry as a whole while highlighting the events that decorate the preceding year. The show also provides fans with a preview of what is to come, like when Bandai Namco finally treated the world to their first look at Soul Calibur VI in last year’s program. The reveal was welcomed by an outstanding ovation from fans everywhere.

Nintendo themselves has offered a shout-out to The Game Awards by publishing a Twitter post that includes a direct link to www.thegameawards.com. Though this is not a confirmation that Nintendo is revealing anything whatsoever tomorrow night, fans have been quick to express their hopes for an unexpected surprise reveal.

You can catch The Game Awards 2018 tomorrow at 5:30 Pacific Time.

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