Now that our hiatus has passed by, we’re back again to bring you bracket after bracket for Season 2 of War of the Gods!

For Week 8, we’ve seen just over two-hundred players enter the arena yesterday with the goal of overpowering our reigning champions while seizing the spoils of victory, aka league points. We’re now happy to present to you another Top 8 for this Wednesday finals, one that includes some new faces blended in with the old!

It’s Noble’s night once again as Tweedy, Semiij and Rewind have altogether qualified for yet another Top 8, with the first two starting from the upper bracket and the third from the lower bracket. They will be joined by Emperor Kombat’s Firestorm (Loser’s), BxA Anbu GetReked (Winner’s) and HZRDS EMPR Knicks (Winners) in what promises to be an epic showdown.

Two new challengers, however, have emerged from the fog of war in an effort to offset the remainder of the Top 8.

One of them is a face that the NRS community may happily recognize: Beast Coast Biohazard, who has recently been signed into the same team as his brother HoneyBee. Both have become legends that are known for their results from ESL’s MKX Pro League, the Injustice 2 Pro Series, and of course the Evolution Championship Series. Biohazard has competed regularly in our events but has struggled for a long time to break into a Top 8…up until yesterday! Although he commands an armada of characters, none are more iconic than his duo of Bane and Harley Quinn, both of which have recently received buffs courtesy of Injustice 2’s February update.

The other newcomer is a carrier of the legacy of Poison Ivy – MCG J! This week marks his first official appearance in a Top 8 for any event brought to you by StreamMe. Ivy was also among the characters to be blessed in the February update, and the changes combined with MCG J’s flourishing skill level have gone a long way in causing a shake-up for the bracket. In fact, he escaped his pool and qualified for Top 8 using only Poison Ivy, a process that makes his result all the more inspiring!



With Noble Semiij sitting on a win streak in War of the Gods, will he finally be unseated from his throne? Will Rewind seize it back? Or will the big victory finally be awarded to someone outside of the duo?

The answers to all your questions will surface this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. As always, the channel to tune in to is Be sure you are following the channel and that your email notifications are enabled so you are not left behind!

The archive for the Week 8 preliminaries can be found here. Eventually it will be imported to our YouTube page, so please subscribe and watch carefully for our upload!

Once Week 8 reaches its conclusion, Season 2 will be 66% complete. That means only four weeks remain, and thus four more chances for you to climb up the rankings and get yourself locked in for the Season Finale next month! We advise signing up for Week 9 right now so that you’ll be all set!

To our Week 8 finalists, we wish you all the best of luck! See you this Wednesday.

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