As we enter into a new week, we’d like to give you a heads-up on the finals bracket for Week 9 of War of the Gods Season 2! Buckle up, because it’s going to be a roller coaster ride (as usual).

This Top 8 features a fascinating combination of returning champions, familiar faces and an all-new challenger. The Winner’s Bracket is dominated by 75% Noble and 25% Allegiance, with the Week 8 champion, Semiij, counted among the Nobles. It’s a team kill between him and Tweedy, whereas Rewind must run it back with the EVO 2017 and ELEAGUE champion, Allegiance Dragon.

From the Loser’s side, we’re happy to welcome back Emperor Kombat, Method SylverRye, and BC HoneyBee. Biohazard had his time in the spotlight last week and now it is his brother’s turn to shine. Bee, along with Kombat and Rye, will be striving to defend his position in the Top 8 of this season’s overall standings to ensure his qualification for the season finale.

Finally, Sooneo will be making his first appearance in a Top 8 for War of the Gods this Wednesday! As a previous finalist for a portion of the Kombat Cup’s second season, as well as a regular sighting in our Konquest side-series, Sooneo had yet to appear in a finals bracket for War of the Gods…until now. Formerly recognized as a Mournful Kitana specialist, he is now packing a lethal Green Arrow, which proved too much for the likes of players such as Nubcakes and MK Buffalo. Will he hit the bulls-eye this week?!

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Congrats to this week's #WarOfTheGods Top 8!

Action resumes, Wednesday night at 8PM EST only on http://Stream.Me/War @Semiij @Noble_Tweedy @RewindFGC @Dragon_FGC @SylverRye @HoneyBeeCMNDR @EMPEROR_KOMBAT @Sooneo_BFGC

9:39 PM - Feb 18, 2018

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We happily invite all of you to spectate the Week 9 finals this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. Be sure you are following us at with email notifications enabled! We are entering into the final leg of Season 2, so it’s all or nothing for the players from here on out.

To catch up on the Week 9 preliminaries, you can watch our archive here.

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