Team @UYU_GG signs the 2017 #TWT Champion, @qudans1987

Team UYU, an organziation known to specialize in Tekken 7 esports, has just announced the signing of a powerful acquisition...the Tekken World Tour 2017 champion himself - Qudans, from the Republic of Korea!

This announcement follows closely after the disclosure of the event schedule and points system for the Tekken World Tour 2018 season, for which the Global Finals will be played in Amsterdam at the Netherlands. Qudans is poised to defend his title across all TWT stops in North America, Europe and Asia!

Shortly after he was crowned the 2017 TWT Champion, ROX Gaming announced that Qudans would be signed into their Tekken 7 roster alongside other Tekken legends such as Knee and Chanel. However, apparently the contract with Rox was postponed and ultimately cancelled, and Qudans parted ways with the organization on good terms.

Congratulations to Qudans for the opportunity to represent UYU in this year's Tekken World Tour! We'll be watching closely to see him work his magic with his Devil Jin!

His achievements in last year's tour include amazing victories over the best the Tekken community has to offer, including Echo Fox Saint and the EVO 2017 champion, JDCR! Qudans topped off his victory at the 2017 tour by eliminating Saint in Grand Finals, using a sequence of highly unexpected maneuvers with Devil Jin...all while playing from the Loser's Bracket! Check out the video below to relive that epic Grand Finals to the fullest!

In addition to being recognized as the Tekken World Tour 2017 winner, Qudans has also made history as the EVO 2005 Champion for the original Tekken Tag Tournament. And in the 2017 season, he has taken 1st place at Southeast Asia Major 2017 and WEGL 2017.

Follow @qudans1987 and @UYU_GG for updates on his path through the World Tour this year! Also, if you'd like to give Tekken 7 a go, visit the links below to purchase your copy for the platform of your choice!

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