Top 8 Update for Week 11 of #WarOfTheGods S2

Week 11's Top 8 bracket for War of the Gods Season 2 has been locked in as of last night! Read on to see who has proceeded to the next big showdown this Wednesday.

It has been forever (Season 1, to be exact) since the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei has graced a Top 8 bracket in War of the Gods, but we are happy to welcome back MK Buffalo, who'd previously appeared in the Season 1 Finale as a Sub-Zero specialist! He's had yet to return to a Top 8 bracket since the launch of Season 2, but with our second finale around the corner, he's emerged from the shadows to take on an armada of formidable adversaries. For Week 11, his notable achievements include victories over CLN Nubcakes and Noble Tweedy.

Speaking of Tweedy, he too has survived the preliminaries by taking down Nubcakes 3-2 to proceed to the Loser's Side of Top 8, where he joins his teammate Noble Rewind, who'd been dealt a 3-0 blow by Method SylverRye, who will be entering the finals from the upper bracket. As a step towards his recovery, Rewind eliminated Nubcakes's teammate, CLN TSS Deoxys, to advance to Top 8.

Our reigning champion, Noble Semiij, will also return to Top 8 via the upper bracket. His achievements include convincing victories over Circa Forever King and BxA Anbu GetReked, both of whom would be eliminated later on by the Flash God Lord himself, BC HoneyBee.

Finally, Emperor Kombat, who put on an amazing performance with his Firestorm by placing 2nd in Week 10, will rejoin HZRDS Knicks in the remaining 25% of this week's Top 8 bracket. Both appeared in last week's finals after a streak of commendable victories. MCG TitaniumTigerzz, who commands a powerful Black Adam, came within arm's reach of this week's finals, but his path was ultimately cut short by Knicks and Kombat.

Last week, Semiij started his path to the throne from Loser's Bracket while Emperor Kombat started from the Winner's side. For Week 11, the roles are now reversed. Still, many are anticipating a rematch between these two in the hopes that Kombat will have an answer to Semiij's six-game streak over him in the Week 10 finals.

Another curious matter is how well Buffalo will stand up to the competition as a latecomer to a Season 2 finals. With only two weeks left before the final showdown on March 25th, will he sneak into the Top 8 of the league standings like he did in Season 1?!

As always, we invite you to join us at this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time to witness the conclusion to yet another heavily stacked bracket. In addition, stay tuned for a list of players that are either locked in for the finale or still within arm's length of qualifying!

For anyone that still wishes to get a taste of a competitive environment for Injustice 2, now is the time to get yourself ready for Week 12! Visit to sign up and prepare for battle!

Didn't get to watch the Week 11 preliminaries? Perhaps we can fix that...see this link for an archive.

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