Version 3.0 Update and Octo Expansion Pack announced for #Splatoon2

In last week's Nintendo Direct, it was announced that a single-player expansion pack called the Octo Expansion Pack would arrive to Splatoon 2 later this summer. This marks the first portion of paid DLC to be added to the game since its release on the Nintendo Switch last year.

Additionally, another content update, Version 3.0, is scheduled to arrive this April. It introduces over a hundred pieces of custom-made gear for characters, new stages, and a new rank to be achieved in online multiplayer: Rank X. The stages to be added are Pirahna Pit, Camp Triggerfish and Wahoo World.

The Octo Expansion DLC pack introduces a new story segment featuring a character named Agent 8, who resembles an Octoling. She awakens in an abandoned subway station, suffering from amnesia. Oddly enough, the subway station seems to poorly disguise a testing facility...but for what reason?

The player will guide Agent 8 through an all-new world, completing mission objectives and learning more about the newest piece of lore in the Splatoon universe.

The Octo Expansion single player mode will be made available in the summer for $19.99. Should you purchase the pack, you will gain access to Octo head-gear and clothes, which can then be used to customize your in-game character.

The trailer below provides an in-depth look at the content coming soon to Splatoon 2. Check it out!

Splatoon 2 is currently available to play on the Nintendo Switch. Visit this page to grab your copy now and get to splatting!

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