Week 1 Results for the @StreamMe #PUBG Invitational

Last Friday, the first of a four-week season for the StreamMe PubG Invitational kicked off for both the European and North American regions. We are pleased to bring you an update on the Week 1 results.

First, out of the European teams, the following four have claimed their first victories in the league:

- Week 1, Round 1: FaZeClan
- Week 1, Round 2: TeamSoloMid
- Week 1, Round 3: TeamDignitas
- Week 1, Round 4: theAllianceGG

As for the North American bracket, the following teams have emerged victorious from each round. It's worth noting that out of four rounds, two were claimed by the same team: eUnited, who now sit on top of the North American rankings as a result of their consistency.

- Week 1, Round 1: Cloud9
- Week 1, Round 2: eUnited
- Week 1, Round 3: eUnited
- Week 1, Round 4: OpTic Gaming

Speaking of the rankings, read on for a pair of images illustrating the updated leaderboards for both regions. While a handful of teams have drawn the first blood, groups that did not claim rounds have nonetheless found themselves ahead of the competition, having raked in a respectable amount of points. Check it out!

European Rankings

StreamMe EU Week 1.png

North American Rankings

StreamMe NA Week 1.png

To review the rankings in their entirety, including spotlight statistics, readers can head over to www.auzom.gg.

Congratulations go out to the teams all around for such a well-played week! We have another three to play through before the season reaches its end, and we'll be back with Week 2 this Friday, same time, same place! Tune in at www.stream.me/PUBG this Friday at 2 P.M. Eastern Time for the European playoffs and 8 P.M. Eastern for the North American playoffs.

Missed out on the Week 1 matches? See below for an archive that's been split into two parts.

We'd also like to extend a sincere apology to everyone for the unfortunate issues that plagued the broadcast last Friday. They have since been fixed, and so we are confident that Week 2 will proceed without any further complications.

Thanks go out to Auzom for partnering with us to bring you an epic series for PUBG esports! Please follow @auzom_gg and @StreamMe for further updates on the invitational as it progresses!

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