Week 2 Standings for Devastation: Road to Vegas

As we enter into the halftime period for StreamMe's Road to Vegas series, we'd like to take a moment to update you on the current rankings for the season.

After a gritty start to the first week, we now have eUnited leading with a flawless record of four victories and no losses! Trailing behind them are Echo Fox and Rise Nation, both of whom have three victories and a loss apiece, whereas Ghost Gaming and eRa Eternity are tied for fourth place with two wins and two losses.

The league is getting pretty serious. With only two weeks left to go, the top four spots for the season finale (which takes place on March 31st) could be awarded to just about any crew!

The Road to Vegas continues with Week 3 this Thursday at 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Make sure to follow www.stream.me/gears and have your email notifications enabled so you can catch the latest competitive action from the Gears of War 4 community!

Missed out on Week 2? Well, you're definitely going to want to catch up on what went down - check out this archive to get started!

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