Open Beta Test for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle coming mid-May

Today, a post regarding BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle surfaced on the Japanese Playstation blog. It highlights details regarding the benefits from pre-ordering either the Basic or Deluxe Edition of the game, both of which come with access to an open beta coming up on mid-May.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle brings together characters from four separate franchises, but ultimately the gameplay mechanics will be governed by the BlazBlue engine, save for some adjustments to accommodate tag-team features. Characters from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, RWBY and Under Night In-Birth will complete a roster of up to forty characters, half of which will consist of DLC characters to be released over time. Two such characters, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long from the RWBY universe, have already been confirmed.

The game is set to release on May 31st in Japan and June 5th in North America for the Playstation 4, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch platforms. That said, there have been no news for an open beta coming to the latter two platforms at this time.

Starting today, players can pre-order the downloadable version of Cross Tag Battle online on the Playstation Store. As for the beta, it is set to launch in the middle of May, lasting for up to five days. The first three days will be reserved for those who pre-order their copy of Cross Tag Battle, while the last two will be open to all players.

In addition to the beta, the following pieces of extra content are available:

Basic Edition = Character Pack Volume 1
Deluxe Edition = All-in-One Character Pack

The Basic Edition will cost 5,800 yen in Japan, whereas the Deluxe Edition will cost 7,800 yen. Given the conversion in currency, this translates to around $55.00 for the Basic Edition and $73.00 for the Deluxe Edition, but that is merely an assumption at this time. We'll be watching for pricing details from the English Playstation site.

Source: Japanese Playstation site

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