Update on Registration Numbers for #EVO2018

Evolution 2018 is still about five months away from today, yet it remains a hot topic among the fighting game community, and with good reason. It is celebrated annually (or biannually now, perhaps?) as the FGC's equivalent to the Super Bowl: the championship event for gamers worldwide.

As players continue to register, Mr Wizard and his team are watching the numbers rack up for each game in the EVO 2018 lineup. Today, they have released an update indicating where each game stands in terms of which ones currently have the most players registered.

That update is available in the Twitter post seen below.

It is excessively rare to see any games ahead of a Street Fighter title in the EVO lineup, and yet here we are. DragonBall FighterZ currently sits at the top of the EVO leaderboard, with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition leading off at second place. Tekken 7 rounds off the top three at third place.

It should be noted, however, that this leaderboard update doesn't necessarily indicate high or low player counts for any title. EVO is commonly known to pull in hundreds, if not thousands, of players for the entire lineup. And with registration open for another four months, there is plenty of time for the scales to tip.

EVO 2018 takes place in Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay on August 3-5, 2018. If you're interested in participating, visit EVO's SmashGG page to sign up now! For those wishing to spectate the Sunday finals, a separate ticket must be purchased here.

Want to participate in games not featured in the main lineup? See below!

Follow @MrWiz and @EVO to stay up to date on the event's progression!

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