Vayne Carudas Solidor comes to #DISSIDIA FFNT at the end of April!

Today, we've learned that the first of six DLC characters will be headed to DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT at the end of April. That character has been revealed to be Vayne Carudas Solidor from Final Fantasy XII.

Characters in Dissidia are grouped by four classes: Assassin, Vanguard, Marksman and Specialist. Solidor will be classed as a Vanguard and will be made available to holders of the Dissidia FFNT Season Pass, which can be purchased here for $29.99. Alternatively, all DLC characters can be purchased separately for $5.99.

See below for an amazing trailer showcasing Solidor's capabilities in DISSIDIA.

The following is taken from the description tab for the video linked above:

"With a dizzying number of combo enders, Vayne has an answer to any situation. His EX skill Writ of Conquest provides his party with an array of buffs, helping secure dominion over their opponents. As Consul to the Archadian Emperor, Vayne will stop at nothing to see all who stand before him bend the knee. In the name of House Solidor, no sacrifice is too great."

DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT is now available as an exclusive downloadable title on the Playstation 4. For more updates on the game, follow @FinalFantasy on Twitter.

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