Geralt of Rivia from @witchergame confirmed for #SOULCALIBURVI, and new "Kaer Morhen" stage revealed!

Today, the next cast member for Soul Calibur VI was confirmed, along with a new stage. And here's a twist: as per Soul Calibur's uncanny skill at including guest characters in a very believable setting, the next slot in the roster will be filled by a character from another existing franchise.

That cast member is the protagonist of a series developed by CD Projekt and CD Projekt Red, called The Witcher, for which its first game was released in 2007. And the character coming from that franchise is...the Witcher himself. Geralt of Rivia, known by many aliases other than The Witcher, crosses blades with the characters from the Soul Calibur universe later this year.

In addition to Geralt, we are given a firsthand look at an arena that will be playable in the game: Kaer Morhen. Both are featured in this epic trailer seen below - check it out.

Soul Calibur VI comes to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) later this year.

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