New #EsportsStadium coming to Arlington's Entertainment District this fall!

Yesterday, the city of Arlington TX announced its plans to erect a state-of-the-art esports stadium at its world-class Entertainment District. The stadium will be housed by a 100,000 square-foot venue, giving it the leeway to become both the largest and the most flexible stadium in not just the state of Texas, but the United States of America as a whole.

This amazing venture was announced via a partnership between Jeff Williams, Mayor of Arlington, and Jonathan Outdhone, President of NGAGE Esports, who will be tasked with managing the new esports stadium.

Arlington is already home to the University of Texas, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys and the WNBA's Wings. But with the dramatic increase in the value of the esports industry last year, companies across the globe are taking notice of its growth. It is estimated that by 2020, esports could evolve into a $1.5 billion industry. Such an observation prompted Mr. Williams to uphold Arlington's tradition of "being on the forefront of new ideas," as he stated in a recent interview regarding the announcement of the venue.

Esports-centered venues have been on the rise this year. Esports Arena, originally stationed in California, has recently announced plans to open additional branches in the cities of Las Vegas and Oakland. Vegas's branch is scheduled to open next week whereas Oakland opens its doors in April. Additionally, Red Bull Esports has opened its Gaming Sphere in Tokyo as of February, and they are also opening a second branch in London later this month.

But with the creation of Arlington's esports stadium, we can look at another incredible stride in the growth of esports itself. Attendants will enjoy a space that can house up to 1,000 spectators, as well as VIP amenities and year-round event potential. In collaboration with Populous, an award-winning sports and architecture firm, the city of Arlington and Esports Venues LLC plan to invest up to $10 million to transform the Arlington Convention Center into one of the biggest milestones of esports.

Jonathon Outdhone, lead broadcaster for PandaX Gaming, is nothing short of thrilled to participate in a partnership that will transform the city of Arlington into a sanctuary for esports enthusiasts everywhere.

An exact opening schedule has yet to be provided, but sources estimate that it will open to the public this fall. Below is a quote from Mr. Jeff Williams expressing his confidence in this new venture.

“I know the gaming community across the globe is going to fall in love with this stadium and with Arlington. We’re ready for the biggest tournaments in the esports industry to call Arlington home.”


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