Next DLC for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: Jubei (BB), Carmine (UNIST) and Aegis (P4A)

ArcSystemWorks is starting off the morning strong with their next batch of DLC announcements for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, which releases this May/June.

The next three DLC characters joining the roster will be Jubei from BlazBlue, Carmine from Under Night In-Birth, and Aegis from Persona 4 Arena!

For mobile users, see below for a video trailer.

As of this post, these three characters will join the following as DLC characters:

- Blake Belladonna (FREE DLC)
- Yang Xiao Long (FREE DLC)
- Platinum the Trinity
- Orie
- Kanji Tatsumi

That fills up eight of the twenty DLC character slots for the roster in Cross Tag Battle. As we count down the days leading up to its release, twelve more DLC fighters remain to be identified. Stay tuned to our blog for updates as they come!

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will release for the Playstation 4, Steam (PC) and Nintendo Switch this summer!

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