Special DBFZ Exhibition at @ATLFinalRound tonight at 6 P.M. featuring @SonicFox5000 and @GO13151

Today, Final Round 2018 kicks off in Atlanta GA at the Georgia International Convention Center. The event continues to raise the bar higher for the FGC every year, and now is no different!

As Winter Brawl ran its course back in February, SonicFox's would-be opponent, GO13151, was elsewhere participating in a DragonBall FighterZ tournament. SonicFox was in the midst of celebrating his victory from the DBFZ teams bracket at Winter Brawl, when suddenly, a call-out erupted on Twitter.

That call-out came in the form of a seven-second clip, in which GO13151 said in Japanese: "Next is you, SonicFox."

Naturally, Sonic was lightning-quick to respond.

The entire fighting game community has since expressed its desire for this exhibition to happen. Fortunately, the team behind Final Round has been all too willing to grant this request...and so, at 6 P.M. Eastern Time tonight, it will come to pass: a race to ten wins between Sonic and GO13151 in DragonBall FighterZ!

To offer you some insight into the capabilities of both players...well, SonicFox's resume speaks for itself. Holder of multiple EVO titles for NRS games, winner of the Injustice 2 Pro Series and all three seasons of the ESL MKX Pro League, and the recently crowned DBFZ champion at Winter Brawl. And that is only a mere snippet of his list of achievements in competitive gaming!

But GO13151 is no stranger to glory himself. As a Street Fighter enthusiast hailing from Japan, GO13151 has finished in fourth place for SFV at EVO 2016, for which the World Finals were broadcast to the entire world via the ESPN2 network. Additionally, he's finished in seventh at Capcom Cup 2016, then reappeared next year to take home a 17th place finish. He also has his share of experience in anime fighters, having won Under Night In-Birth at Final Round 19 in March 2016.

Make no mistake: both of these players are gods among the FGC in their own right, which is why their exhibition promises to be an explosive spectacle to witness! Again, they will meet for a live showdown at the Georgia International Convention Center at 6 P.M. Eastern tonight! Whether you are attending in person or watching from home, you would do yourself a disservice by not watching their set!

If you'd like to follow Final Round 2018 in its entirety, see here for an event schedule!

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