#DragonBallFighterZ Battle of the Gods: @GO13151 vs. @SonicFox5000

The FGC wanted it, and they got it...along with an extra dose.

During the final Winter Brawl event in February, Cyclops GO13151 issued a call-out to Echo Fox SonicFox for an exhibition in DragonBall FighterZ. SonicFox didn't hesitate to accept the challenge, and with both players confirmed to attend Final Round 2018, the event team seized the opportunity to integrate what would be a legendary set into the Friday portion of their schedule.

Stream issues caused the ending segment of the exhibition to be blocked from the broadcast last Friday, but fortunately, the whole set has been recorded and posted to Bifuteki's YouTube channel. If, for whatever reason, you did not catch their exhibition...you would be wise to rectify that right now by watching this amazing video.

SonicFox has been praised for his ungodly offensive game in DragonBall FighterZ, even by GO1 himself. However, due to GO1's unparalleled defense, he was able to gradually pick apart his foe's strategies and ultimately win the set 10-4. This outcome sent waves of shock throughout the FGC, as many had been quick to make the call that SonicFox would seize the victory, and understandably so given his towering stack of achievements.

It would not be the last time that these two would meet, however. Their saga would continue in the Grand Finals of the official DBFZ bracket for Final Round 2018, and that set has also been captured and uploaded by Bifuteki. See below!

GO1 was hailing from Loser's Bracket when the rematch ensued, but he reset the bracket without dropping a single game. It was painfully evident that he had not lost any breath from his race to ten wins against Sonic. However, the follow-up set would be a much closer battle, as both players took two wins off one another, taking it down to the final game. Ultimately, the outcome would favor GO1 once again, and he was crowned the DBFZ champion at Final Round.

With expectations having been out of the water at Final Round, players are no longer being as quick to call outcomes in regards to DragonBall FighterZ. With the 2018 season off to a strong start, and more characters on the way for DBFZ (examples: Broly and Bardock), it is anybody's guess as to what is to come.

Our thanks go out to SonicFox and GO1 for such amazing exhibitions, and also to the team behind Final Round's existence! We look forward to their next event in 2019.

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