Week 3 Standings for Devastation: Road to Vegas

With Week 3 completed, we are reaching the endpoint of our Gears 4 series - Devastation: Road to Vegas.

Throughout the month of March, up to eight teams participated with one another in heated team battles. Their standings would be impacted by their win-loss ratios each week. With the completion of last week's bracket, the pieces for the puzzle that is the Season Finale are rapidly falling into place.

Below is the current standings for the Road to Vegas.

The season finale will be open only to the top four teams in the league. As of now, they are Echo Fox, eUnited, OpTic Gaming and Rise Nation. The first two are tied for first place with five wins and a loss apiece, whereas the others are tied for second at three wins and three losses apiece.

On the flip side, Ghost Gaming, Judas, Ronin and the Gosu Crew will be under a lot of pressure to improve their standings this week. However, as Deluxe notes, all four of these teams, excluding Ronin, have played fewer matches as opposed to the rest of the league, meaning that their window of opportunity may be bigger than most expect.

This Thursday marks the fourth and final week for our Gears 4 series. We hope you'll join us then to see who will proceed to the season finale, which takes place on March 31st! As always, the stream to follow is www.stream.me/gears.

And just as a reminder: the teams who make it into the finale will participate for a $2,000 cash pool that will be distributed across the Top 3!

Missed the Week 3 matches? Not to worry - you can check out this archive to catch up!

Our thanks go out to the Gears community for their support of our Devastation series! For the latest updates on Gears 4 esports, follow @EsportsGears on Twitter.

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