#FirstToTen Interview with @brettbielling by @RomanovaNRS

Shortly before Final Round ran its course in Atlanta last weekend, Romanova published the next of many interviews to come in her official "First to Ten" series. She'd previously interviewd Denom "A Foxy Grampa" Jones from the United Kingdom, and more recently, she sat down to have a discussion with Brett Bielling, who'd previously worked alongside Joshua Gray as a producer for ESL during the three seasons of the MKX Pro League from 2015-2016.

Brett has long since moved on to assist with live production for Red Bull Esports, who has recently begun establishing multiple branches for their brand new arcade which is shaking up a storm in Tokyo and eventually London: the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. Nevertheless, Brett continues to keep a watchful eye over the events revolving around the NetherRealm Studios community, which branches across both the Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises.

Viewers who tuned in to the ESL MKX Pro League may recall Brett's voice from the Kombat Class clips that were featured throughout ESL's numerous broadcasts. The series has gone a long way in nurturing players of all skill levels in terms of knowledge for how Mortal Kombat X was best played at the highest level.

In this interview, Brett and Romanova touch upon the perspective of not a competitor, but a key figure from the days of the Pro League. See below for a snippet from their discussion.

FirstToTen: Brett, thank you for joining us. Can you tell everyone who may not know who you are a little about yourself, where you come from, and about what you do for a living.

Brett: Hey everyone! My name is Brett Bielling, from Palmdale, CA. I’ve been working full time in esports for about 7 years, after my start in Broadcast Television. I do freelance live production, and am currently working at Red Bull Media House in Santa Monica, CA, where I manage the esports studio and direct the live esports broadcasts for Red Bull HQ, in North America.

FirstToTen: What got you interested in the FGC? How did you become hooked?

Brett: Whether it was games, sports, or school, I was always a competitive person. Growing up, my friends and I all played Melee. I was ranked Top 20 in SoCal around the 2007-2009 pre-brawl-era, before leaving competition to attend college. A good friend of mine named Charles ‘Foxdie’ Lee played MK9 with the Terry Bros and the Vegas crew, and introduced me to NRS games. I was a Scorpion player since before I could remember. I had just moved into a new apartment in 2011, with no internet. I bought MK9, a PS3, and played just training mode for a month straight, and the rest is history…

FirstToTen: You used to work for ESL, how did Mortal Kombat become involved with them and how did you feel when you found out the pro league was a reality?

Brett: The inception of the Pro League was entirely on the shoulders of Joshua Gray. When he made the pitch and told me his goals for creating Pro League, I was ecstatic because of my experiences with MK9. That night I went home and record a 10-min video in one take, which was the genesis of Kombat Class. We also knew that we didn’t have all the answers, so we hunted for local experts. Mike Ross introduced us to Brian Compton. I had attended some of Brian’s EGP tournaments in 2012, so running into each other years later, it felt like fate.

To see the full interview, visit this link from the FirstToTen blog site. Also, follow @RomanovaNRS on Twitter for an update on her next interview, which is expected to grace the Internet later this week.

Also, to keep up with Brett's future endeavors, follow him at @brettbielling on Twitter.

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