Indie fighting game @FantasyStrike by David Sirlin is heading to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC

In yesterday's Nintendo Direct for indie fighting game titles, it was revealed that Fantasy Strike, an easy-to-play fighting game developed by David Sirlin, would be heading to the Nintendo Switch later this summer! The game has also been confirmed for releases on the Playstation 4 and PC versions, although the game is already in an early access phase on Steam.

Fantasy Strike is literally a fighting game for everyone. While it is by no means easy to become one of the better players, the controls are very much straightforward. Just about any move can be executed with a simple button press, making it easier to get combos down.

The game also introduces a new mechanic called the Yomi Counter, which is performed by simply not inputting anything right as the opponent lands a blow. The Yomi Counter will deal incredible damage while instantly filling up your character's super meter. However, it cannot be used against special grabs or super grabs.

Fantasy Strike was revealed last year by Sirlin Games, led by David Sirlin, and made available in early access for Steam users in September 2017. A full release is scheduled to happen this summer, though an exact date has yet to drop.

For those wondering: at this time, Sirlin Games does not have an Xbox One version of Fantasy Strike planned for development.

Fantasy Strike has received endless praise from recognized members of the fighting game community, including Forever King and Nicky from Circa Esports. In fact, Nicky has boldly declared that this game will forever change the FGC, and King has mentioned how Fantasy Strike's journey to the Switch may actually prompt him to purchase the console.

David Sirlin is heavily recognized for publishing the book that became known as the bible for competitive fighting gamers: Playing To Win, which explores the ins and outs of the mentality adopted by competitors. While competitive gaming is the primary topic, Playing To Win uses other scenarios to highlight this mentality. We highly recommend visiting this page to do some much-needed reading.

Mr. Sirlin is also a game developer who has opted to contribute to the community that has defined him for many years, hence the creation of Fantasy Strike. The game's design is augmented by players with an advanced knowledge of the fighting game genre, a fact that further lends credibility to this title.

To purchase Fantasy Strike on Steam, visit their Steam page. Also, follow @FantasyStrike on Twitter and their official website for more updates!

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