Opening Weekend for @ESALasVegas begins tomorrow with launch events for Smash 4 and #DragonBallFighterZ!

The months have certainly flown by. Just last year, Esports Arena announced plans to extend their festivities to a new branch in the Luxor Hotel and Casino at Las Vegas, and now, we stand on the threshold of its grand opening ceremony.

Tomorrow, the Las Vegas arena will host an opening ceremony, though it will be invite-only. It is at this very event that the celebrated rivalry between Echo Fox SonicFox and Cyclops GO13151 will see its continuation, as the two meet for another lengthy exhibition in DragonBall FighterZ. It is highly unlikely that the FGC has caught its breath after the hype train these two players rode at Final Round, but here we are again!

In their last exhibition, GO13151 defeated SonicFox 10-4, and then repeated his victory in the Grand Finals of Final Round's DBFZ bracket to take the whole tournament. To check out their matches, see this article.

In addition, the Las Vegas arena will host a World Tour event for the Smash Masters League, which was announced back in December 2017 shortly after the conclusion of the 2GGC Championship. The event is entitled Battle for Vegas and will set the stage for a heavily stacked bracket from the Smash 4 community! Already over a hundred players have registered and there are more to come!

Battle for Vegas is an open bracket, and anyone wishing to participate may visit their SmashGG page in order to sign up! Registration closes tomorrow so we recommend acting quickly.

In addition to Battle for Vegas, there are more Smash Master League events coming throughout the year! For more details, visit

As the first dedicated esports venue on the Las Vegas strip, Esports Arena's Vegas branch will house a 30,000-square foot arena that comes equipped with a broadcast center and production studio, a gaming bar, a 50-foot LED video wall, VIP lounges, and more attractions! It will be found at the following address:

3900 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV, 89119, USA

In addition to their Vegas branch, Esports Arena is preparing to extend to Oakland CA on April 7th! And given their Twitter post below, they're apparently making plans to expand to even more areas...

We are deeply excited for this next glorious chapter in the era of esports! Please follow @EsportsArena on Twitter for their latest updates.

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