Team @PandaGlobalPG signs @INFILTRATION85!

The Street Fighter V bracket at Final Round 2018 saw quite a turn of events last weekend.

Out of 373 entrants, Infiltration was among the eight players that survived all of pools to proceed to the Sunday finals. Coming fresh off a powerful victory over at EVO Japan 2018, his combination of Juri and Menat has proven more than formidable. He would begin his Top 8 run from the upper bracket that day.

However...Infiltration had a little surprise for the viewers, one that he would reveal just before his first match against Gachikun kicked off.

That's right: Panda Global has picked up Infiltration as the newest member of their panda family! Congratulations to Infiltration for such an amazing opportunity! To see the reveal as it actually occurred, watch his match against Gachikun below.

It's not often that you see a newly signed player win their first major under their new team's banner right off the bat, yet Infiltration proceeded to do exactly that at Final Round, thus winning the first Global Premier Event for the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 season! It would be a clash of EVO champions, as Infiltration would take on the Akuma player who'd claimed the crown at EVO 2017: Echo Fox Tokido. Their resulting clash was, fittingly enough, intense in every possible way.

The SFV Grand Finals for Final Round are definitely worth the watch. Check it out!

Another of Infiltration's noteworthy achievements include winning the prestigious title of EVO 2016 Champion at the first Street Fighter V Grand Finals to be broadcast to the entire globe via the ESPN2 network. His history as an SF competitor dates back to the beginning of the Street Fighter 4 series, during which his matches with Daigo "The Beast" Umehara became a practical symbol of the community.

As a result of Infiltration's victory at Final Round, he is now leading off the CPT leaderboards with 700 points, whereas Tokido is trailing him at 270. The season is already off to a strong start and there will only be more to come! To review the CPT standings, visit this page.

For more updates on Infiltration and his newest sponsor, follow @PandaGlobalPG and @INFILTRATION85 on Twitter!

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