Team @UYU_GG signs #SFVAE player @LeevyLin a.k.a. Oil King

Team UYU has signed a Street Fighter player from Taiwan by the name of Li Wei Lin, who has adopted the alias of Oil King.

Oil King was among the thirty-two finalists who'd qualified for last year's Capcom Cup by way of CPT points. His appearance in the Grand Finals for Southeast Asia Major 2017 proved highly instrumental in his journey to the Cup. Oil King ultimately finished in 25th at this year's Cup, but not without taking games off the two players who'd defeated him: Snake Eyez and DidimoKOF.

With the CPT 2018 season upon us, Oil King seeks to ascend to higher levels and represent UYU at a vast selection of events leading up to the next Capcom Cup, beginning with NorCal Regionals next month.

As of his signing, Oil King joins the ranks of a team packed with elite Street Fighter and Tekken 7 players from all corners of the globe. We congratulate UYU for their acquisition and wish them all the best!

For updates on UYU, please follow their Twitter at @UYU_GG. Also, for a look back at Oil King's journey to the Capcom Cup, see below for his match with Tokido at Southeast Asia Major.

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