#FirstToTen Interview with @MisterAquaman by @RomanovaNRS

Another interview has surfaced via Romanova's First To Ten blog site, and this one features none other than our very own commentator/trident rusher: Ryan "Mr Aquaman" Kablik!

Mr Aquaman was among those who partook in the rise of the competitive NRS community since the days of Mortal Kombat 9, a game in which he mained Rain, the treacherous Prince of Edenia. But his time in the spotlight as a player would not come about until Injustice 1 came along and he picked up the low-tier God of War known as Ares. Notable victories over established NRS veterans won him the admiration of the community.

As the years passed, Mr Aquaman would go on to expand his skill-set by working alongside his local community with the goal of expanding it. Eventually, he became the lead organizer for a Virginia major called The Commonwealth, which would see two iterations before it ceased operations near the end of 2016.

Shortly after it closed down, however, he joined up with StreamMe to assist with management for our online events, most notably Kombat Cup, KrossUp and War of the Gods. As the events dragged on, Mr Aquaman eventually relocated to San Antonio, where he now takes a more hands-on role with event management at the StreamMe HQ itself.

Have you wondered what the transition from player to commentator/TO has been like from Mr Aquaman's point of view? Well, thanks to Romanova, you're about to get your answer. See below for a snippet from their discussion.

FirstToTen: Thank you for joining us Ryan. Please be so kind to tell everyone a bit about yourself and where you came from to discover the FGC.

Mr Aquaman: Hello everyone and welcome to War of th.. nevermind! I am Mr Aquaman and I do stuff in the live streaming and competitive gaming space. I work for a streaming platform StreamMe. I help create and put on tournaments for the site in many of the popular games of today. What got me into the FGC and what most people know me for is competing. I started off by finding a local member of the FGC randomly online and by meeting him, led to something that changed my life from the ground up. I started as a 0-2er in the brackets, very humble beginnings, I wasn’t blessed with talent but what I was blessed with is passion. I kept learning, I kept traveling, and I kept making friends along the way. I encourage everyone that may not get the results to never give up, this community doesn’t revolve around winning, it revolves around exactly that, the community. Whether it is TYM when I got into the scene or what seems to be Twitter now, always be engaging and never be afraid to reach out or challenge yourself to try something new. The more I traveled the more I got into the organization aspects of events, bracket running, casting, sponsors, venues, and the technology behind it all. From there I started getting involved with all of those aspects of events and took matter into my own hands to try and give it my own personal twist. Now I have the honor of taking that experience and applying it to StreamMe to put on great shows for viewers at home.

FirstToTen: What do you think was a defining moment for you in the FGC on establishing who you were? Was it MK9 or Injustice 1 that you think got you hooked the most on this scene?

Mr Aquaman: My most defining moment was causing a few upsets early in Injustice 1 with my low tier hero Ares. Getting 4th at Civil War with a ton of viewers on sp00ky caught people’s attention and then following it up double eliminating CDjr for top 16 at the next event really started to push me forward, he was still in that god tier status of the scene as MK9 was still fresh. That really captured some name recognition for me and that isn’t a feeling I think I can describe, it definitely helped me get even more active in the scene. Also after those wins I got on camera then the birth of the mustache began, article was up that night on TYM about a Tom Selleck mustache that upset CDjr. MK9 got me in but Injustice 1 really got me hooked.

FirstToTen: What was your local scene like back in Injustice 1? What are some of your fondest memories from there?

Mr Aquaman: Southern Virginia, also known as SOVA. Some of my fondest memories were kind of solidifying myself with the vets of the area, the weekly tournaments, and the rivalries. Blackula and Tom Brady were constant training partners that helped provide the veteran experience and what I needed to do to get better and the showdowns at our regional were great. My fondest memories were also the friendships made, in Injustice 1 the online realm was all about clans and clan battles. I miss the groups formed between friends since sponsorship wasn’t a driving force. PTH(Pallet Town Heroes) were some great days with a lot of the guys I was closest with and eventually lead to RM(Ruthless Mayhem) with even more guys. Constantly trying to be better than other clans and level up together was a great experience.

The full interview can be seen here at the FirstToTen blog. Check it out, and don't forget to follow @RomanovaNRS on Twitter for more interviews!

If you'd like to catch more of Mr Aquaman's commentary, be sure you tune in to www.stream.me/war this weekend for the following programs:

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- War of the Gods Season 2 Finale; Sunday at 4 P.M. EST

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