.@TEKKEN Pro Championships with $10,000 prize pool airs on March 24th in Japan

Tomorrow in Japan, eight pro-level Tekken players will be featured in the Tekken Pro Championships at the city of Tokyo. These eight players will compete live on stream for a prize pool extending past $10,000 in total, or 1.5 million yen as per Japanese currency.

The eight players to be featured in the Tekken Pro Championships are as follows:

- Yuu
- Noroma
- Double
- AO
- Hakai Oh
- Pekos
- Take
- Nobi

The event will be streamed across both of Tekken's primary channels, one for the Winner's Bracket and one for the Loser's Bracket. The action goes down tomorrow at 5:45 Japan time, which translates to 1:45 A.M. Pacific Time and 4:45 Eastern Time in the United States. In other words, American viewers will have a long night ahead of them if they want to tune in on the live broadcast.

The prize split for the Pro Championships is as follows (Japanese and American currency will be displayed):

Winner: 600,000 Yen ($5,724)
2nd Place: 350,000 Yen ($2,862)
3rd Place: 150,000 Yen ($1,431)
4th Place: 100,000 Yen ($954)
5th Place and 7th Place: 75,000 Yen ($715)

For more information on the Tekken Pro Championships, visit www.tk7.tekken-official.jp/esports,

This event could potentially be the first of many to feature a showcase of the newest DLC character, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, in tournament-level play. Noctis is now available for all platforms on which Tekken 7 is playable (PS4, Xbox One and PC).

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Source: avoidingthepuddle.com

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