$15,000 Pot Bonus announced for @KillerInstinct at @ComboBreakerFGC

This May, Combo Breaker returns to Illinois to celebrate the fighting game genre at one of the most decorated venues in the country...specifically, the Mega Center. The event is run by Rick "TheHadou" Thither and Gaming Generations.

Combo Breaker will come equipped with a respectable lineup of approximately twenty games. Among them is Killer Instinct, for which its second and third seasons of content were developed by Iron Galaxy Studios. The first season was overseen by Double Helix before they were ultimately purchased by Amazon, prompting Microsoft to call in Iron Galaxy in order to continue development for the Xbox-exclusive title. Fun fact: the main office for Iron Galaxy is based in the Chicago area, which is also where Combo Breaker takes place every year, so players are able to cross paths with members of the team responsible for bringing you the game that you know today.

Shortly after the conclusion of Season 3, the KI community got a pleasant surprise: the announcement of the Kilgore Community Fund. Its purpose? Half of all proceeds from purchases made for an unexpected extra addition to the roster, namely Kilgore, would go towards contributing to prize pools for Killer Instinct tournaments tied to the KI Ultra Tour. Since its launch, the fund quickly raised over $50,000 last year, and portions of it have gone out to events such as Combo Breaker, CEO and the legendary Killer Instinct World Cup.

The last time we've seen an event blessed by a contribution from the KI Ultra Tour was in the summer of 2017, but at long last, it's making a return with an ULTRAAAAAA COMBOOOOOO! To be more specific, Killer Instinct will now have a $15,000 prize pool up for grabs at Combo Breaker 2018!

The $15K prize pool will be split across the Top 16 at varying amounts depending on their exact placing.

Combo Breaker has been recognized for its iconic history in relation to its Killer Instinct brackets, which is appropriate considering that the name of the event was inspired by the Xbox-exclusive title's combo breaker mechanics.

For three years straight, we've seen CB's KI brackets run an unforeseen course of events. In 2015, CD Jr added to his tournament win streak by taking the event with Maya during KI's Season 2 days. Shortly after Season 3's launch in 2016, Thompson was crowned the KI champion at Combo Breaker using exclusively Jago. And then just last year, America was invaded by the United Kingdom's HW Valoraxe, who incinerated UA Wheels in the Cinder versus Gargos match-up to become the Combo Breaker 2017 champion, though it was not without a struggle.

Wheels's performance in Combo Breaker 2017 also won him the admiration of the entire FGC. In light of his results, Yahoo Esports sat down to have a discussion with Wheels about how he overcomes his personal setbacks to pursue a career in competitive gaming. For those unaware, Wheels suffers from SMA 2 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2), a condition that has left him wheelchair-bound throughout his life. Nevertheless, he has found his competitive outlet in fighting games, and it has certainly taken him very far.

You can check out Wheels's interview with Yahoo Esports at this link. Also, for a look back at the definitive Top 8 finals for KI at Combo Breaker, watch the video below.

With 2018 off to an incredible start, and now with an extensive pot bonus waiting to be earned by KI players, we're looking at another potentially huge story from Combo Breaker this year. If you plan to go to Combo Breaker but have yet to register, we heavily encourage that you do so! All entrants who sign up for KI will receive an exclusive t-shirt based on Combo Breaker and Killer Instinct, for free!

Visit smash.gg/combo-breaker-2018 and get ready to play some KI!

In related news, there is apparently a second event that will receive a similar contribution from the KI Ultra Tour this year! However, the KI team has yet to announce this event.

What could this second event be?! We'll update you when we learn more.

Killer Instinct is currently available as a free downloadable title on Xbox One and Windows 10, although its characters must be purchased before use, either separately or via either the Combo Breaker Edition or Ultra Edition of each of the game's three seasons. In the case of Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle, they can only be purchased separately. In addition, KI is available as a complete package on Steam for $39.99.

To download Killer Instinct for the platform of your choice, head to one of the links below.

Killer Instinct - Xbox Store (XB1 and Windows 10)
Killer Instinct - Steam Store

Combo Breaker takes place at the Mega Center in Illinois on May 25-27, 2018.

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