Blastoise, Mew and Celebi join #PokkenTournamentDX + Patch Notes for Version 1.3.0 Update

Recently, Blastoise was added to the roster for Pokken Tournament DX via the Version 1.3.0 content update, along with Mew and Celebi as his support Pokemon.

In addition, there have apparently been some slight balance changes introduced in this update. These changes are listed not on the English version of the official Pokken DX website, but on the Japanese version instead. We have copied and pasted them below for your convenience, but you can also head to this link to read up on them if you so prefer.

Juquine: Giga Drain - Fixed an issue that was drowning some long range attacks in certain circumstances.

Genger: Burst Attack - Fixed a problem that some attacks could not be avoided.

Gabriast: Dragon Dive (during Resonance Burst) - Fixed a problem that shifts to hit production when avoided by actions that are tolerant to fear.

Teruner: Psychedelic (Field Phase) - We reduced the phase changeable distance and fixed it so that the action of the field phase can not be performed after the phase change.

Dark Mewtwo: Strong rear attack ~ back step (during Resonance Burst) - Fixed a problem that the attack does not occur to the end when backsteping after the attack.

Hassam: Furious - Fixed a problem that the opponent gets passive when hit in the air.

Gilgard: Repelling - Fixed a problem that certain attacks could not be responded to opponents in the resonant burst state after the repetition succeeded.

Blastoise and AegisSlash can be accessed in Pokken Tournament DX as playable characters by downloading the Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack for only $14.99. Like Blastoise, AegisSlash comes with his own set of support Pokemon: Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. In addition, the Battle Pack comes with new items, avatars and new outfits for your in-game character.

Eager to pick up Blastoise? Then check out this gameplay video!

Pokken Tournament DX is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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