.@Noble_Tweedy is your #WarOfTheGods Season 2 Finale Champion!

War of the Gods Season 2 has finally come to a close, and we are proud to crown a new Season Finale Champion.

Given Noble Semiij's near-flawless streak throughout the entire season, many had him as their first pick to claim the finale. So it came as a complete shock to them to see Semiij go down to Emperor Kombat in Winner's, and then to his teammate Noble Rewind in Loser's, thus ending Rewind's losing streak against him.

Another shocker is that Semiij ends his run in a fifth place tie with the previous Season Finale champion, ALG Dragon, who'd also been put through Hell by Kombat's Firestorm. Dragon sought to make a recovery after eliminating CLN Nubcakes in the first round of Loser's, but Noble Tweedy put an end to this ambition.

With this unexpected turn of events, it was clear that a new Season Finale champion would be crowned. Winner's Finals came down to a confrontation between Method SylverRye and Emperor Kombat, whereas Loser's Semifinals would feature Rewind and Tweedy, meaning that another team kill for Team Noble was about to transpire. What would come from this Top 4 match-up?

Given that Rewind was the only other player to succeed in winning a weekly bracket for War of the Gods, viewers instantly deferred to either him or Emperor Kombat as their pick to win it all. But once again, their expectations were shattered by Tweedy's resounding victory over Rewind. As a player who was known for the grind, it was apparent that Tweedy had fully fortified himself in preparation for the finale. In spite of his loss to SylverRye, his confidence had never been higher.

Speaking of SylverRye, Emperor Kombat triumphed over him in Winner's Finals, knocking him into Loser's in the process. At once Tweedy swooped in like a vulture, poised to finish the job. Rye sought to regather himself, but unfortunately his run would end at third place, though his journey to Winner's Finals would earn him the admiration of many players, veterans and new blood alike.

The Grand Finals for the Season 2 Finale would come down to a confrontation between Emperor Kombat and Tweedy, the latter representing Noble's last hope for victory. With Kombat holding the bracket advantage, he'd only need to win one set to conclude the event as its winner, whereas Tweedy required two sets. It would be a struggle between Superman, the fallen Kryptonian, and Firestorm, the walking nuclear bomb.

Kombat quickly moved in to gain the advantage, and his aggressive approach seemed to have its merits, but Tweedy was quick to respond with his own offense after warding off Firestorm's deadly mix-up options. After a stalemate where both players had one win apiece, Tweedy quickly overpowered his opponent with some smothering offense, and once his zoning game ensued, he refused to let up on it. It seemed that no matter what, Kombat simply could not bait Tweedy with his wake-up options. Everything was rapidly swinging into Tweedy's favor.

With a 3-1 victory in Tweedy's name, the Grand Finals bracket was forced into a reset. With both competitors in Loser's, it would all come down to a final race to three wins. Yet the course of the second set displayed little difference from the first. Kombat managed to wrestle control away from Tweedy for a bit, only to lose it once again. Tweedy left so few openings that although Kombat was making every hit count for damage, it did little to dissuade the Kryptonian's momentum. As the set extended to a fourth game, Tweedy subjected Kombat to a horrendous onslaught of corner offense, then closed out the finale with a barrage of heat lasers.

War Season 2 Finale Results.jpg

Winner: Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $3,000

2nd Place: Emperor Kombat
Prizes: $2,000

3rd Place: Method SylverRye
Prizes: $1,500

4th Place: Noble Rewind
Prizes: $1,000

5th Place: ALG Dragon
Prizes: $750

5th Place: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $750

7th Place: EMPR HZRDS Knicks
Prizes: $500

7th Place: CLN Nubcakes
Prizes: $500

There could not be a more fitting finale to an excellent season for War of the Gods! After twelve weeks of dedication and persistence, Tweedy has upset the balance of power and become the Season 2 Finale champion! Congratulations to him for achieving this amazing feat!

All matches for the Season 2 Finale can be found in this archive. We highly encourage you to give it a look! It'll be worth all 4.5 hours of your time.

It is at this point that we'd like to  acknowledge the efforts of everyone who'd shown such unparalleled support towards our events since the days of Kombat Cup Season 1. It's been a pleasure to see so many of you exhibit such passion and commitment towards improving upon your performances throughout the approximate two years we've been holding events for the NRS community. It saddens us that a second season has come and gone so quickly, but as always, we are working to deliver new experiences for you all to enjoy.

From the entire StreamMe team, we have a message to everybody who participated in both seasons for War of the Gods, as well as to those who supported via watching our streams, advertising them, and so on: THANK YOU.

Do note, however, that The Clash will continue to air on www.stream.me/war every Friday at 7 P.M. Eastern Time. We'll be lining up fight cards for you on a weekly basis, and don't forget that you can reach out to @MisterAquaman on Twitter if you wish to be featured in a set against an opponent of your choosing!

For those interested in playing DragonBall FighterZ, we're proud to announce that Cell Games is finally proceeding with its first weekly bracket after being delayed for two months due to netcode issues! More information on that will be presented in a future article, so please watch @StreamMeBlog closely for updates!

Until next time, competitors...do not let up on the grind. We look forward to your future matches! Once again, congratulations to Noble Tweedy for claiming the crown in the Season 2 Finale.

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